This Month…April!! ♥

It’s April, It’s Spring, it’s exciting and a new time for transition and accessorizing that New Wardrobe! This month we’re definitely going to kick it up a notch here at  Natural True Beauty. God is definitely working wonders!

So what do we have scheduled this month? You may ask? Well Let me tell you! As the birds are chirping this fine morning inspiration is certainly knocking. We are preparing for our summer Collection! Let’s face it when your hot you’re on fire. I mean Literally the sun is pulsing it’s rays directly at you! In order to cool that core temperature we need a very soothing ice-cold beverage. It’s pretty difficult when you can’t store you’re Ice Cold Water bottle in your purse in fear of damaging those important documents you stashed away. We are in the process of developing fabulous gear for a fabulous fashionista! Not only will these products look Fabulous but plenty of them will have a safe storage gadget/space for that perspiring water bottle. We want to appeal to all women in all walks of Life! From Clutches to Messenger bags to carry-ons! You’ll enjoy great style with fun attributes!

Our To Do List this Month…

1. Always Keeping GOD first!

2. Developing and Organizing our Summer Collection with nifty pockets/gadgets!

3. Dead line: 6/21/11…JUNE 21, 2011 First Day Of SUMMER!!

 4. Preparing Our Look For summer!


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