A Mother’s Gift… ♥

Floral Serenity

I made this wonderful lovely Handbag  for my Mother‘s Birthday for the 28th of October. She was very thankful, impressed and immediately changed bags =D. She transferred all her belongings into this purse and started using it immediately ^_^. I was wonderfully touched by her immediate move from one purse to this purse 🙂 Te Amo mi Mama Dulce! Eres una bendicion en mi Vida! Dios Te Bendiga!!Gracias Por ser mi MAMA!!! The Silver Medallion reads as Follows: “God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot Change, Courage to Change the things I can, and  wisdom to know the difference.” I also adorn the front with a bit of jewelry that matched perfectly with the Floral print. I call this Pocket Book; Floral Serenity.

This is the Back. This Lovely handbag is made from 100% Cotton!

There’s a Front side and Back side Pocket in between the handel straps. Great Storage!

It has it’s very own inside zipper pocket, Custom Made Genuine Leather Key Chain, that clips into the inside of the Hand Bag. There are convenient pockets for; cell Phone, Make up  -_^  and  Pens/Pencils! I find This bag to be amazingly Blessed. I want one! I love you Mami. Muchisimo!

Hosanna In the Highest!

  Linda M ( Tu hija mayor)


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