GOD and the City


I love art! I and appreciate art made and their creators! (I must say the Greatest Artist is GOD himself.) It’s amazing the different talents and skills GOD has blessed us with and the joy we can receive from doing what it is we are born to do! I’m thankful I can appreciate someone’s hard work, skillz, beauty and the emotion hidden behind each piece! Wonderful. Everyone has a Unique Talent. At times I love going downtown and checking out the wonderful, at times whimsical amazing creations located at different shops such as  “The Collectors Gallery” and “The Mahler Fine Art“. I love that they show case Local Artisans right here in our very own city! I currently live in Morrisville, NC and I went down to downtown Raleigh to check out art and I was truly inspired, I just absorbed the wonderful positive energy that comes from those places. I had a very Blessed opportunity to meet one of the owners of “The Mahler Fine Art” and she was very Inspiring! She was so captivated and in love with art, that anyone, by just speaking with her, would come out an art lover! The art they showcased, the knowledge she knew of each piece, and their unique creators was….Splendid, amazing and she had one of the most beautiful hearts! Thank you Ms. Rory Parnell!

The Collectors Gallery!

Glass Artisans and Potters, It’s amazing the way they form their Pieces and how they use fire to finish their pieces.

A potter, usually, places his pieces twice in the fire.

Each piece are Beautifully Displayed.

Bill Hickman Makes these Wonderful Sculptures out of Metal, the details associated with his pieces are fantastic!

It’s like 3D pieces of Abstract art yet, Figurative all in one!!

I can’t quite put my finger on this Artist. 😦 But They are Amazing, I would love several pieces for an Awesome Chandelier!

I’m reminded of Christmas

I love unique, especially this Oil on Canvas, It has life to it for some reason. I associate it as a great Interior Design piece, great piece for Conversations! and Dinner Parties. Decorate your Walls!

Another reason why I decided to Go  downtown, was for the Trunk Show where two Jewelry Artisans were being show cased. Sarah Tector and….

(I like how she uses clean lines and cool colors. Simple yet Elegant, I’d put Sassy in there as well)

…..Susan Myons

I’ve concluded that this artist uses more bulk to her designs, she knows how to make it work, very unique indeed! I’d say her pieces are to be worn as focal points. To be seen and admired.


The Cutest Stuffed animals EVER!! ♥

I think they would look soo Cute as accessories for a Couch, no? How bout a child‘s room? I’d say they’d look awesome on the couch! You can soo decorate a living space with their color palette.

This women is Amazing! Love her Designs

It’s very clean and I love the use of her Materials.

These Prayer Towers were just a Wonderful Find. Prayer is Powerful!

Beautiful! I think they would be wonderful accessories for any home ^_^

I’m a Little tea Pot Short and Stout! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!

O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter does?” declares the LORD. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel. Jeremiah 18:16

I love how GOD molds us all. My favorite Artist? All Mighty GOD!

Who doesn’t love the Teapot song?! Classic.

This Man is a GENIUS! One of my Favorite Cermaic ARTISANS!!! Seriously the Price may be high but his work is most definitely worth it. I believe his work is going to hit that high-end dollar mark in the future! His eye in detail and design is simply AMAZING!

They are just cool and detailed, they would be wonderful conversation pieces!

I hear that Addison & Eric Paige, are a wonderful Couple. They make these Unique Mixed media Clocks. They are, for lack of a better word, Radical, Man~!!!

Aren’t they just Awesome!?

Glass artisans are….WOW. Seriously you guys Rock or should I say, Your works are on FIRE! Get it? They use fire to…create their masterpieces. I know, I’m good! I’m on fire!! ^_^

All in All, I would truly suggest anyone looking for unique 1 of a kind pieces or just going out to shop, should check out their local Shops where local Artisans display their amazing hard work. Support Artisans in your Area! YaY!

Another interesting Amazing, unique inspiring place I went to this month is ‘The Mahler Fine Art‘ where I met Rory Parnell who had a vivid and candid memory of her collection the artist, their style and a piece of their unique stories. She’s a wonderful unique person and I was blessed to have met such a person.

My adventure

I call it….Linda in Artsy-Land…Yes…

As I drove through Downtown.

Trees, Streets and Lights…

I found a parking spot, a wonderful Surprise.

To my right there was a meter

Blessings for me, since I had no cash The meter took credit and nothing could be sweeter!

So I looked up from this meter, and know and behold

The Mahler Fine Arts who would of Known?

I stepped inside it’s double doors I thought wow…

I love their Floors, oh yea the art was amazing TOO!!!

This man here,  Richard Garrison, is amazing! His work close up just shows sooo much emotion not to mention the depiction of each character within his work. A True Artist indeed.

I know the close up of this is…wow, It’s like there is truly a Light there!

It reminds me of “walking through the wilderness” Not only is it interesting on the different seasons depicted in the trees, but the landing spot of the man, the x and the box as though he is being magnified. The light around his head, can be associated with, Spiritual awareness of some kind. Such as embarking on a quest. And the fact that the man is just wearing modern day clothes also leaves something to ponder….hmmm

(Just my opinion)

This picture, doesn’t give this painting Justice. It has amazing detail I believe this artist, J.M. Henry, captured the clouds, sky and it’s details magically, as though he was telling a story.

This painting was not only huge on the wall it was Breath Taking! This artist, Ron Slaughter, paints with such simplicity and a ease that can be seen. As they say “He makes it look so easy!

Now this is a Photographer, Rachel Herrick. Usually I’m not to impressed by a photographer breaking into art, (I dunno lets just say pointing, clicking with one finger and letting the printer or curing do all the work is not my cup of Tea, just my preference don’t be offended. I know they are fantastic photographers out there, don’t hurt me :-/ ) but this photographer is very unique and to make her work look like this, it’s a “process” I appreciate that.

I know, Truly amazing. Not only is her work unique but she is in very High Demand. Not surprising in the least.

I appreciate this Fine work because it may seem simple but is actually not so easy to simulate. The artist, Linda Ruth Dickinson, (her first name is Awesome ^_^) is truly inspirational. It’s amazing and Whimsical. I must admit I am a lover of whimsy!

This is a new artist, Pete Sack, and from what I can gather from this Piece, he is extremely talented and I hope to see more of his work.

Linda Ruth Dickinson, This painting looks AMAZING in person!!!

Of course there were many other paintings but these were the paintings that, Truly Drew my eye, and I can just see the labor and love, although you can see it in each piece of the Mahler, I’m particularly Drawn to emotion, Layering (is my favorite) and COLORS!!! Muah, magnific!

Marty Baird

Everyone has a unique taste. You never know, what maybe yours, also what you may discover about yourself….

And this Concludes my awesome adventure in downtown Raleigh, Art of the City and their Artisans I hope you enjoy the Pictures and perhaps embark on your own adventure! How awesome would that be?

I’m sooo Thankful! Including writing and reviewing what I went through. Blessed and Inspired….I’m off to Paint!!!!

Hosanna in the Highest!

Linda M


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