One Pocket Book at a Time!

Royal Blue Adjustable Tote…

I can honestly Say this TOTE is one of My Favorites!

It can adjust quickly with no hassle to a side bag! It’s Lovely interior is quilted with comfort, to protect those delicate, high tech gadgets. Prime choice for looking, Good at any business outting…

…considering it has labeled zippered pockets for your USB/Charger, those extra Coins that you at times just toss in your bag, Cellphone, Pens and Ipad!

It has two adjustable wooden handles that can be easily tucked away, & has a convenient adjustable side strap! It’s adorn with beautiful top notch Brass wear! Meaning: Gold trimmings!!! You can easily just un-clip and GO!

An amazing Pocket Book made with Love and Care! The white trim that you see is made from Genuine Leather! A Best Friend for that fashion forward Business Woman! Amen!

This awesome specimen of a Pocket Book also comes with a custom key chain, which clips to the inside of your lovely Pocket Book! A wonderful treat of delicious elegance is embraced with the ownership of this Lovely Tote. Many Blessings to it’s Owner! Hallelujah!

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Hosanna in the Highest!

Linda M


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