Thanks for being my Maid of Honor at my wedding Bren. I love you so much! I think you’re so cool, you have no idea! You’re so Beautiful!

Yay!! You’re another year older! Wait, is it yay? YES, it is yay because with Age comes Respect, Honor, Wisdom and Truth if you’re searching for it! (SEARCH FOR IT! 🙂 ) 😀 I love you so much and I hope God blesses you in amazing ways! I know you’re about to embark on a Great adventure come July 3rd and I want to wish you the best of luck! I pray for the very best for you!!! ♥ Always Follow your Heart!!! ♥

Remember when I took you to Church for the first time! LOL, I still remember you trying to run away from the Pastor when he was shaking your hand, Classic 😀

Brenda, I want you to know that in life sometimes not everyone is going to understand moments you will go through in your Journey of life. But I want you to always remember GOD will always understand and he will always be there for you. When you are facing an impossible situation, I encourage you with all of my heart and soul to pray to JESUS. Prayer is just Talking to GOD. Like a friend.

I caught a Great Picture of you and Chris!! LOL, Hey you guys don’t let me take pictures, Plus I think my battery was Dying, :P. Thanks for coming to the Durham Bulls Game with me and Franklin!

There are moments that everyone goes through and it’s just them and a closed door. JESUS Christ can open that Door. You may think it’s locked your accusers may be closing in on you, that’s the best time for you to just close your eyes get on your knees, forget about your pride, and know, believe that JESUS Christ can Help you.

You guys are too Cute. I pray GOD continues to Bless your Marriage! Love you Bro – inlaw, too! You better be Good to my Sister!!!

These days it’s difficult for me to get that perfect gift. But I just want you to know that if anything with all the mistakes I’ve made and the stupid decisions I’ve made, I asked Jesus to Help me…and he did…And is still Blessing me. The Greates Gift I’ve ever received in my life was accepting JESUS into my Heart! I love you…

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Happy Birthday Little SIS!!!

As For your Gift….um…I fixed your headphones. Happy Birthday! 😀


2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA!!!

    • Gloria a Dios! Amen!!! Yes Please Pray for her and Her Journey! Thank you Deborah May GOD continually Bless you, May

      “the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;” Numbers 6:25!

      Hosanna in the Highest!!!

      For His Glory,
      ♥ Linda M

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