At the Shop… Christmas Pillows, Cute Clutches, Shawls & More!

 The LORD is my light and my salvation–whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1
Hallelujah GOD is GOOD! Thank you Jesus!

Let me Tell YOU! God is soooo Incredible! ♥ This Shop has been a long time coming and for it to be open Today, is just the most incredible blessing!

Check it out here:


These wonderful Pillows are Handmade and Gorgeous! I love the Christmas feel they have! A wonderful blessing to have family for the Holidays, why not decorate your home with these wonderful Decor, to set the Ambiance.  Family, Especially for me Here at Natural True Beauty, is a blessing! My mother in-law assisted in the making of these! What Joy!


But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what he hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13

God, Truly made it possible for my online shop to be Open. He truly Guides us! I didn’t think that this Year, 2012, I would have open such a wonderful Blessing. Not only for myself but I also hope the Shop will be a Blessing to others who view, preview and order! ♥ Please join me in Prayer for my Shop!


What a Master piece! My mother in-law started sewing away this magnificent Collection! Home Decor! I must admit Interior Design is also a passion of mine.

When thinking of the perfect time to open my shop I thought, “well as soon as possible”. Of course, I have so much work, which is such a Blessing, and orders coming in Almost EVERYDAY! HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD! That I almost did not have time to actually Deliver a Joy such as, Natural True Beauty’s Online Shop!

Jesus Truly is the way, He is the light and Life is nothing with out HIM in the middle of it. Jesus Has made all this possible


I’m also blessed to start the Shop with, CLUTCHES! These are so unique and I love each and every single one. From my Humility Collection . Eco-Friendly with a touch of Now, and Fashion Forward! Detailed with a touch of WOOL! Yay! God Truly is Guiding my steps. This Shop is a Testimony of GOD’s Perfect Timing, and How He just places all the right things together (Romans 8:28).

What is Better than the Holy Spirit, Father, Jesus, LORD of all Creation to guide your steps? To be used by HIM!

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10




Check out this Awesome Scarf! I’m also creating more of these unique one of a kind Scarves, which have a unique detail, Knitted with Fabric! YES! I know…I LOVE too! Mind you, I have not ever seen anyone do this type of design & style. I am happy to be the FIRST!!! WooooHooo! Thank you JESUS! So in the future if you see any style like this, Remember it started Here at Natural True!


Do you Love Shawls? Knitted and Prayed? YES! They are Gorgeous! And I made 1 Gorgeous white Shawl with Rainbow Trim! At the SHOP NOW!

PhotobucketI hope you all enjoy my Christmas Collection and Humble Humility Collection. More is sure to Come!

Stay engaged!

To the Future Owners of these wonderful Collections,

Praise GOD! For His Mercy Endures Forever. His everlasting love is evident, true and real. GOD is Faithful and HE LOVES YOU! Walk in His ways and you will surely see not only His Glory, But His Blessings. If you have ordered or if you are thinking of ordering one of the beautifully crafted ♥ Clutches make sure to read: Humility Collection…Fall 2012. Thank you Father, may you Continue to bless us that we may bless others in JESUS NAME! Hallelujah!!!! Amen ♥



Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,



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