GOD & the City… Christmas!



I just want to say… WOW! God is so GOOD! I love how GOD is Love! Amen!

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 1 John 4:16

You know, Christmas is a wonderful Time of Year! I love that this Christmas we actually gave gifts! AMEN! PRAISE GOD. Thank you JESUS!

You see My Hubby and I when we Got together we didn’t have much. In fact a couch was a grand expense for us! Still is but we’re getting there. Christ has given us an opportunity to have a second chance at life. We are so grateful and each day we live truly to the fullest. We know CHRIST has called us! & We’re on the ROAD to our dreams!


Now we have more than enough! Amen. It’s not easy to live to just pay the bills and keep the lights on. Imagine, no dining room table or even a couch to watch t.v. comfortably. Just a bunch of Covers & Sheets incognito masquerading as a couch, but we made due. (Thank you LORD for Secondhand ♥ Gracias a JESUSCRISTO!)

So the last 2 Christmas’s we would just say to our family and to each other ‘NO GIFTS’! Because we couldn’t afford to give anyone anything. Love Truly is the best Gift of all!


I’m Blessed that This Christmas I was not only able to give my immediate family a few items! Some that I created my Self! YAY! It pays to have some talent with crafts :D. But also give a Gift to my loving Husband all though it was just 1 it was more than enough. Each day, each year I see GOD out giving us and loving us in wonderful ways.

I made For my sister,




For my Mother,



My Bro Got a Awesome Shirt from Burlington Coat Factory, they had an incredible sale!

I also gave my loving Hubby a Watch!

From nothing to something. That says alot!

Imagine having a Tree with no gifts. This year we didn’t have a Tree, but we had gifts! Yay.

First of, please don’t start thinking we’re living out of a cardboard box, Don’t give me flash backs of people going at it about how poor someone is. We are Rich! With LOVE & we don’t ever go to bed hungry unless we are fasting. Amen! I’ve never lived life so wonderfully!


Call me a starving Artist, Nah, it’s just part of the Dream!

I also was very Thankful & Blessed to receive Franklin’s Mother into our home. Truly a blessing! She’s quite a crafter and loved going through my fabric, which…well, You know how it is when a room may look like it may be slightly disorganized but you know where everything is! And then someone “organizes” everything. I called on the name of JESUS!

:D. GOD is LOVE, and I’m Loving! LOVE!

You know…. I know GOD, JESUS has something Extremely Amazing for Us, My Family and my ART.

The Poorest man isn’t the one without a cent, The poorest man is the one with out a dream, the one with no Hope. – Author Unknown

I take back that comment on not having a Tree. On Christmas Day during my workout I took my phone with me which I usually never do, and I saw this Bird Perched All the way at the top of this Tree, It reminded me of a Christmas Tree, So LORD I accept This Gift and I see that you gave us a Tree for Christmas ♥ Thank you JESUS!


Isn’t that just AMAZING!!!!

If you don’t know JESUS, than you Sir, Ma’am are not Truly Living.

Oh Yes almost Forgot, I GOT this for 1 buck at the flea market! Sorry I had to Share it was 1 buck! Un Peso, One Dollar. 1.


It says “Love at all Hours” In Spanish.

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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