God & the City.. My New Year!

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Phil 4:13


As the old year drifts away another day rises with new  resolutions, promises and expectations.

You know, this is the first year in a LOOOONG Time that I actually feel Confident, that this is OUR YEAR! I don’t know if it’s your year, or if you’re even aware that it’s a NEW YEAR, but let me just say…HALLELUJAH!
PhotobucketMy Mother in-law

If you’re new to my site, Welcome! If you’re a current visitor HEY! How was your New Year?

For moi, going into the New Year, I’ve never felt more aware and more alive. I’ve truly been given a second chance by Jesus. I can’t believe How Jesus, GOD has transformed my life…
From left to right, Frank (my brother inlaw) Megan (Frank’s wife) Carmen (Mi Suegra) ME!!! & the HUBS! ♥

If you would of told me I would be here, starting up my own business and following Jesus Christ, I’d call you Crazzzzy. But WOOOOOWWWWW!!! I’m loving these special moments, and surprisingly I love sharing them with you all.

Thank you for Reading and for your encouragement!

My Sis and I! She’s so beautiful!

When I was in the World, I didn’t value these moments, I actually more than anything tried to run away. From what? Well looking back I’d say I’ve always tried to run away from myself. Confused & Hurt.

I called on the name of Jesus.

Here’s my beautiful baby sister. 

I’m truly, truly, truly a new creation. A new Creature.

I can’t believe where I’m at. And truthfully it doesn’t matter where I came from, or where I am going. What matters is JESUS.

You know, I don’t know what you have gone through, or what you maybe going through. But I will tell you Jesus understands. He knows, and if you are truly blessed Keep your eyes on HIM because He’s your strength.
PhotobucketI’ve learned Freedom..True Freedom. Away from the pressure of society and of the World.

I hope…We hope This New Year, you may find the Freedom that Christ offers.

Enjoy this New Year and appreciate each Beautiful Moment GOD graciously gives you. For what is Life with out LOVE ♥ Photobucket


Hosanna in The Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


6 thoughts on “God & the City.. My New Year!

    • Yes, They eat 12 Grapes before midnight, each grape representing a Desire or wish you would like for the coming year. In Venezuela, my Hubby’s birth place, they also run outside with suitcases so they may travel in the coming year. Crazy traditions! But its so FUNNY to See!!! Love ♥

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