Redress Raleigh Independent Artist Event!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that reads it. Habakkuk 2:2

Last night I had attended one of Redress Raleigh’s Workshops and I had a great time listening to the stories and advice of the well put together panel.

It was located at Frank an Art Gallery in Chapel Hill, it was Amazing. I just took everything in and loved the atmosphere of people coming together for a greater purpose and to hon their craft. It was breath taking for moi.

Have you ever had something turn your world upside down and then sky rocket you into orbit? No? Maybe? Well I certainly did. It truly made me think of my business, my vision, who am I and what am I trying to accomplish.

I’ve decided to take a step back, and truly identify…My Brand. Am I the brand, is it a brand? Am I reaching my target market, and by the way who is my target market? These are all questions I need to fully analyze, asses and come to terms with. I need to be ROCK SOLID and BELIEVE in what I’m doing.

This event showed me I had holes, as someone on the panel had stated, “nothing’s impenetrable”. They were talking about the law, copyrights, trademarks and all that jazz. But it really hit close to home. I know I’m meant to make the art that I’m making but… There’s a but and I need to find it!

One thing that I have done and I’m happy with is that I have taken risks, I have put myself out there and I continue to do so. I’m happy that God has given me the Courage to do what it is I’m doing, now I have to be serious, disciplined and focused. Exciting times.

Here’s some information on the Panel!

Beth Yerxa – Triangle ArtWorks
Heather Allen – Capital H Creative
Kim Kirchstein – Leopold Designs
River Takada-Capel – Riverbasin Outfitters
Christina Brennan – Sofia’s
Ed Timberlake – Trademark & Copyright Lawyer

You can find out more about the Panel Here:

I had a chance to meet a majority of the panel and they were all great and willing to help which was, WOW. Great impression and I can’t wait to see what’s to Come!

Until Next time Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

Top 5 Five Fabrics of the week…Solids!

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” – Jesus Matthew 11:29 – 30


That’s what comes to mind when I think of solids. Mind you these fabrics are just a reflection of what has inspired me for the week.

Simplicity comes to mind.

Although each piece by itself may not seem like much, together or mixed with other patterns and prints they truly shine. This week has been one that I’ve concentrated to think what is important to me and my growing family. By discarding items, situations, thoughts that are complicated, toning down a few things I’ve learned simplicity in itself can be lovely…no, no, BEAUTIFUL! So as you approach the week with its complicated madness why not simplify your thoughts which will simplify your life. What are you focusing on and how can you simplify it? Why not look to Jesus and thank Him For whats right. That’s simple enough right?

Until Next time Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

Movie Review…Unconditional

Although this movie did not receive much hype it is a great movie to have in your arsenal of “Based on a true Story”. Truly inspiring! About two best friends that grew apart and their life took on different paths. A wonderful Cast and a very emotional movie. Great Acting.

This movie entails, that there are always second chances in life, how GOD has a grand plan and things are not always what they seem. Sometimes just going forward will take us to where we need to go. We can not ever measure nor understand God’s Grace and it’s various forms. Nor can we understand the Dark situations we may find ourselves in. Thank you Jesus for your Grace.

If you’re looking for a bit of a “tear jerker” movie, this one’s for you. You will definitely feel for the characters.

Until Next time Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

God & The City…24 weeks

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6

24 weeks!? Seems like a dream. It’s incredible how you start thinking about how you want to raise your child and the things you believe are important. Today as I was lathering up my sponge while washing the dishes, I remembered when my mother would make me wash the dishes. At the time I disliked to wash those dishes especially when she made me wash everything all over again because I wouldn’t do it right the first time. But how I thank her now for those lessons. Do it right the first time.

Lately… I’ve been pretty chipper. Some days I’m a bit frighten of whats to come, how sometimes we blame our parents for unfortunately our own disappointments. I’ve realized they did the best they could with what they had, I love you Mom & Dad. Once we become adults it’s up to us to be who we are meant to be. I thank the LORD Jesus CHRIST that He’s in my life especially in these critical moments of marriage, business and now soon to be raising a human being. Raising a person who has his own purpose, destiny, personality, dreams, desires. Lord Guide us, be our light in Jesus name.

Cravings? Just water and loving my fruits and veggies. But I will say that I can’t handle fast food anymore, sadly I noticed how when I eat a home cooked meal I have a lot more energy than if I just nuke something in the microwave.

Pain? But of course, but not as before! Feelin Like, like I can do anything through CHRIST! Yay!

What they say? A bunch of advice.. eh yea…

Feeling? Happy that I learned some insight to some energy savings! Good food = Good energy

Oh so I noticed this wonderful park! And I thought how I would love to take my baby here… Enjoy

That’s the Hubby there. To be honest I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that I have an active Husband! Lord I’m Blessed!

I had to take a picture of these Gorgeous Flowers!

These wooden structures are super gorgeous!

I mean this Park is gorgeous. It’s amazing how God’s beauty can magnify any situation. I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. We can’t forget that this country was built on biblical principals and Christian Faith. Let us not ever forget the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who saves, redeems & heals. Praise GOD. Amen

Children are God’s gift to the World…

Until Next time Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

Dear God…. My Grandmother

Happy Memorial Day!

Dear God,

I just came from seeing my grandmother who I haven’t seen in over 15 years. I could be off, or so it feels like the last time I saw her I was a child. I cried the whole 5 minutes from the drive back home. So many thoughts flashed across my mind on that drive back. It’s amazing how so much can happen in so little time. I prayed to you to heal her arm from that fall she had. I reassured myself that the short prayer of salvation that we prayed together is more than enough to have her with you. Can you believe it Lord? The first words she said to me was “I’m going to the cemetery”. Tears me up each time I think of it.

I thank you though Lord, I know she was trying desperately not to repeat the same thing. I’m thankful that she did know who I was even though it’s been so long….I love my grandma. I couldn’t help but think in the times when I had so many opportunities to do the right thing. Although its too late for certain things and certain relationships in my life I do thank you Lord that I’m a whole new person. Thank you Jesus for changing my thinking and being utterly aware of life. I just realized somethings that I’ve been holding on to are just not worth holding on to anymore. The little worries and disappointments are nothing compared to the things I’ve done and been through in my past. And no, I don’t regret them. But now when someone judges me for something so mundane as being politically correct or what not, I’ll just think of my grandmother who humbly spoke to me and still loved me no matter the years that separated us.

They may judge me because maybe I didn’t do certain things perfectly but the way they think about me doesn’t matter to me anymore because I used to be someone who didn’t care about doing the right thing to now striving to live in righteousness with Christ.

Whenever I’m faced with judgments, I’ll just think of You & my Grandma who had every right to judge me and didn’t.

Thank you Jesus for saving Us.

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For Your Love & Glory Jesus Christ,