God & the City… 21 Weeks!

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10

 photo 5eb78b87-a592-4a90-8870-7b660e9d381d_zps9fa4bec3.jpg

Every Saturday is like a mini Birthday! Hehe, This saturday was 21 weeks!!! And it seems like everyone and their mama is having a kid! Haha. I think that’s funny! 🙂

You know, our pregnancy wasn’t a surprise pregnancy, well in a way it was. Before the Hubby and I began ehem “trying” we actually sat down and talked about the possibility that maybe we couldn’t have any children and that we will just put it in God’s hands. I didn’t want us to have any disappointments from any side. Giving it all to God was the best we could have ever done.

In May of 2012 we decided to stop BC and see if we would be blessed by a child.

It wasn’t until I had a false alarm around October/November of that year, that I realized I truly wanted a baby. I didn’t know it was in my Heart as it was. I just praised my way through, thanked GOD for all we had and Trusted & Confided in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

January 28, 2013 (my birthday is on the 29th I just couldn’t wait) I decided to take another test because I had done something a couple of days earlier, that I had not ever done before and I felt weird. Scenario: Outside of Mcdonalds or Micky D’s as some like to call it, I threw up. I know, so righteous. I thought it might have been because I was extremely car sick. You see, that same day (throw up day) we were dropping off my mother in law in Charlotte, to take a flight back to Venezuela, I’m not sure but I believe that was around the 26th a Saturday. She was visiting for the Holidays, Great time. I hardly get car sick as I did that day. Something was up. I couldn’t hold out any longer so, as soon as Monday came around, Right when the hubby got home for lunch I took the keys and went to walmart. When I came back the Hubby had to go back to work and I took the test. Guess what?

We found out we were with Child! We were Preggos, PREGNANT! HALLELUJAH! I saw it like an early Birthday Gift. GOD you are so AWESOME! 8 months. For 8 months we didn’t know if we would have a child, now I just feel so blessed and at times so unworthy. I pray almost everyday that I may be an amazing Wife & Mother. But most importantly that both the Hubby and I LOVE JESUS, GOD with all that we are, with all our Hearts, mind, body and souls.

My Hubby was one of the happiest men on the planet although I didn’t see him, because I couldn’t wait to give him the news when he got home, I just called him right after I leaped for Joy from the positive sign, the Cross on the Pregnancy test. He was bewildered and amazed I heard it in his voice, he thought I was joking at first. The phone conversation was priceless. After a few moments he was like “I’m going to be a Dad..?” Jesus I love you! I LOVE YOU! Thank you JESUS!

Like any man when coming home he asked “Are you sure” LOL. I took another test to ease his mind and “Yes, we’re pregnant!”

 photo d7da1f5e-2fce-4611-8e08-8271c50443d5_zps03b14902.jpg

I never really thought much of the process of having a baby, I honestly thought your belly just gets bigger. But I was wrong. It’s not easy but yes it’s truly worth it. Blessed.

Lately… I’ve been truly calling on Jesus. I need you LORD. We need you. Please be the center.

Thank you JESUS for being in the CENTER of my LIFE!! HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD!!! THANK YOU JESUS! I can’t do it without you. I can’t (as I softly cry, J/k In the words of the Hubby “There’s No Crying in Baseball!“)

Dealing with … Fatigue!!! I think there’s enough said there..oh yea and lack of clothes that fit. 😦

Cravings? Yes, Water, lots and lots of AGUA!

Pain? I just recently over came some hip pain, felt like my hips were re-aligning or something or a pinched nerve on the glut. Lesson learned from that? Don’t do to much! Seriously.

What they say…He will be a great Dad. Yup talking about the Hubby. And that I will also be a great Mom. Yay.

Feeling? Very tired. But Happy. It’s only because of Jesus.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

You know, I don’t know what disappointments you are facing or what plans you are making, all I can say to you is have faith. Have Faith in GOD and the life that Jesus Christ died to give you. Somethings don’t go according to how we plan and at times life is a mystery. But one thing you can truly hold on to is the faithfulness of GOD. He’s Almighty, all Powerful. Loves you like no one else and truly knows whats best for you. Why not give it all to Him. Even in the Painful moments, Joyful moments Praise Him and Trust Him.

Until Next Time Ciao!!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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