My TOP 5 FAB Fabrics of the Week!

Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance to understand a proverb and a saying, the words of the wise and their riddles. Proverbs 1:5-6

It’s all about this Grey white-wash feel for me, and Elephants! YaY! I find elephants to be the CUTEST, and wise of course. They have great memory and if you look into their eyes it’s like you’re staring into the ancient days. Wisdom, is what I’ve been praying for this week. I need some Wisdom Lord! ♥

These are fabrics that I do not have in stock but one day would love to work with. They are straight from Etsy and the links are on each picture! Enjoy…I’m in Heart.
 photo il_570xN441585081_8s1y_zps373a3bc6.jpg
They are so cute! Googly Moogly!

 photo il_570xN391327917_645m_zpsf0ff29d7.jpg

I Loooove this patern! It’s hard yet soft because of the colors! Yum!

 photo il_570xN416089683_pltr_zps3ea22fc7.jpgHad too Look at their EARS!

 photo il_570xN446486925_899i_zps82781723.jpg

Ahhh, soft shapes.

 And the piece de resistance!
 photo hemp_zps609518c9.jpgYes Decor weighted Hemp!

This week has been extra challenging yet extra rewarding, I must say. My First week of posting each day! I made it!

You know, I keep moving forward and I keep striving to do better to be better but I can’t do it alone. Thank you Jesus! I’ve had moments where I thought I couldn’t do it, you know posting each day and to be honest I know God gave me the strength!  I truly enjoy the pieces of eye candy up above and these pieces although simple they are complex. They just reflected my week. They are unique and they make me happy! LOVE that Hemp it just brings the rest of the prints together like a Home.

Until next week! Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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