Dear God…. My Grandmother

Happy Memorial Day!

Dear God,

I just came from seeing my grandmother who I haven’t seen in over 15 years. I could be off, or so it feels like the last time I saw her I was a child. I cried the whole 5 minutes from the drive back home. So many thoughts flashed across my mind on that drive back. It’s amazing how so much can happen in so little time. I prayed to you to heal her arm from that fall she had. I reassured myself that the short prayer of salvation that we prayed together is more than enough to have her with you. Can you believe it Lord? The first words she said to me was “I’m going to the cemetery”. Tears me up each time I think of it.

I thank you though Lord, I know she was trying desperately not to repeat the same thing. I’m thankful that she did know who I was even though it’s been so long….I love my grandma. I couldn’t help but think in the times when I had so many opportunities to do the right thing. Although its too late for certain things and certain relationships in my life I do thank you Lord that I’m a whole new person. Thank you Jesus for changing my thinking and being utterly aware of life. I just realized somethings that I’ve been holding on to are just not worth holding on to anymore. The little worries and disappointments are nothing compared to the things I’ve done and been through in my past. And no, I don’t regret them. But now when someone judges me for something so mundane as being politically correct or what not, I’ll just think of my grandmother who humbly spoke to me and still loved me no matter the years that separated us.

They may judge me because maybe I didn’t do certain things perfectly but the way they think about me doesn’t matter to me anymore because I used to be someone who didn’t care about doing the right thing to now striving to live in righteousness with Christ.

Whenever I’m faced with judgments, I’ll just think of You & my Grandma who had every right to judge me and didn’t.

Thank you Jesus for saving Us.

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For Your Love & Glory Jesus Christ,


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