Top 5 Fab Fabrics of the Week! Baby Inspiration!

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. 1 Corinthians 9:24

 photo 69f6d248f595712ed1b57e20cafd45b8_zpsf054db70.jpgThis is like my dream baby shower inspiration. So yea…I know GORGEOUS!

WOW! This week has flied by!! I’m so blessed to just be enjoying every aspect of my life not to mention my growing baby boy! This one’s for you my cutie pie!

I guess you can say I’ve been pretty busy lately. And I’m tremendously happy that I am!!! Although busy I’ve been taking everything in strides. I understand why the bible gives examples of athletes and runners. One I can surely relate to is the runner. Just as if you are running in a marathon or even training in one you don’t go to full speed SPRINTS in the initial start. You pace yourself.

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified. 1 Corinthians 9:27

For example, what ever you are training for…let’s say weights. You don’t go to the gym and try to lift the heaviest dumbbells, you’re going to get hurt or worse pull a muscle! Then you’re really at a set back. You’ll have no choice but to wait, until you’re healthy enough to go back at it. It’s life. Just as there are laws, boundaries and rules to all in the physical i.e. Gravity, this is also reflected in the spiritual world.

So yea, I’m finding my pace a good pace!

 PHEW!!! THANK YOU JESUS! HALLELUJAH! I’m totally enjoying the journey!

Yes, there are ups and downs, sometimes I hit a plataue and sometimes I’m completely off the mark. But one thing I can assure you, is the loving Kindess, Grace and Mercy of Our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ. Without whom I’d given up a looooong time ago.

This week’s inspiration of Fab Fabrics is Baby inspired! Maybe it’s because I’m hosting and planing my own baby shower, some of us don’t have the luxury of others planing it for us, can I get an Amen? And to be honest, I’m completely embracing it and LOVING the process and inspiration! I PRAISE YOU LORD!

I’m going for sophisticated Baby!
 photo cfdc197e7f6300aea96248953c963862_zps67b87f08.jpgI HAD TO!!! To be honest I’m really digging elephants this season!

 photo a8e7685f6a5fb7ebf9bbedcc55378f42_zps1f2a10cb.jpgThese are super cute patterns! It reminds me of Polka dots but a more Art deco style. I’m really feeling on the Polka dots as well!

 photo f1f9d2a049ad9b9c3e44bbd892c4ab96_zpsad283d70.jpgI mean, I aim to please! Aren’t these the cutest!

 photo 26e96971eddbd54125612087c7411ab2_zpsaea95e49.jpgHere comes a slice of sophistication with a playful polka but a serious grey! Yum!

 photo c38a1d0ba8d829684dc5fc0e36c25643_zpse0722141.jpgLast but certainly not least, GORGEOUS, represents, being Grounded in Christ after all is said and done. ♥ Yay!

I’ve linked each Pic to my Pinterest board and you can find their sources there!

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks slice of Fab Fabrics! Until Next Time, Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

28 weeks! The Final Stretch!

A third time he asked him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt that Jesus asked the question a third time. He said, “Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Then feed my sheep. John 21:17

 photo bec8f7ee-f91a-46bf-b98d-a20347e5e28f_zpsa7b7b455.jpg

On Saturday!

WOW! I’m finally at the “home  stretch” You know the Third trimester! Ohhhhh ahhhhhh. Ha. I’m excited, but let me tell you, last week I just got extremely tired! I wanted to sleep all day and do nothing but sleep. It was ridiculously crazy. But one thing I’m very content with is Jesus! Can I get a hot tub, I mean an Amen! Also thankful to my understanding Hubby. Lord, bless him. Seriously, the being tired had made me soo frustrated that I finally let go & looked to GOD and gave it all to Him. I can only imagine how Peter felt when Jesus told Him that when he is older that someone is going to take him where he doesn’t want to go. Did Peter get frustrated easily when he didn’t get his way? I wonder…hmmm.

It’s when you’re chasing a dream or pouring your heart out that sometimes you just don’t want to “slow down” or have a different perspective. I’ve decided that I’m still going to pour my heart out and shoot for the stars land on the moon and what not, But I’m going to stay in God’s peace. If I need to rest then I shall rest. I’m not going to get this time back and I’d like this time to be more pleasing to GOD than anything else.

Are you running around like a chicken with their head cut off? I hope not. Man that’s a crazy sight. Sometimes I have a crazy imagination. Ok, on ward!  If you are feeling the pressure, wanting things done on your time or your way just remember what Proverbs 16:9 says, wha? You don’t know it! GASP! J/k Here it is: “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  Why not take a moment to just be content in JESUS. Relax, You have everything you need and then some. Having Faith, is Trusting GOD. Imagine, God came down as Jesus (read the whole book of John if you doubt this). He wants an intimate relationship with you. He’s not far away, no not at all He knows you, why not get to know Him?

 photo IMG_5219_zpsaa59bcb8.jpg

Yup that’s a 28 week belly!

Lately... I’ve been very sleepy, the hubby tells me this is the most “rico” rich sleep when pregnant or so he’s heard. I agree to disagree.

Cravings? Nope. ♥

Pain?  I’m having this weird burning pain on top of the left side of my belly. It hurts 😦  .All worth it! Yes All worth it. No complaints it is what it is!

What they say? “You look so Pregnant!”

Feeling? Need to get closer to Jesus. Yes…

 photo 0655b1fd-dce3-4fa0-9c87-a8ef517b9095_zps93cc734b.jpgThis Saturday we also went to the movies!!! We saw Superman it was good!

Until Next Time Ciao!!!

 photo IMG_5222_zpsd6999094.jpg

Can you tell? I’m super happy! Ha! 

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

Movies, Worship FUN!

“You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”  Matthew 5:14

 photo IMG_5184_zpsc1f6165b.jpg
Last Thursday on the way to Worship. And Yes that’s a bike in the back seat.

 photo IMG_5180_zpsddada789.jpgLast Tuesday we saw the movie Fast & Furious. We have seen every movie of this series Yea we love Stick shifts! To be honest I’m a better driver with a clutch than automatic. Just FYI. 😀

So I had a blast last week, movies and then WORSHIP with Kari Jobe on Thursday!! WHA!
 photo IMG_5189_zpsfae5a3fb.jpg

 photo IMG_5192_zpsf022ac94.jpg

 photo IMG_5194_zpse0965f2f.jpg

 photo IMG_5201_zps119d9d67.jpgI thought it was awesome that this worship event also gave back and gave the Church of Cary, which was were the event was hosted, an opportunity to open a church in Ecuador!  AWESOME!

 photo IMG_5203_zpsc7f05822.jpg

 photo IMG_5202_zps96247841.jpg
 photo IMG_5204_zps16d18869.jpg

We also loved how in between perfect brakes Kari would share something, and we loved how she shared that she was at her hotel room and she felt this dark presence this darkness and as soon as she said the name of JESUS how he just changed the atmosphere and that darkness just left! Amen!

 photo IMG_5216_zps2fece51d.pngHow we felt after everything…

 photo IMG_5209_zps28bf5001.jpgHad to sow some seeds and support what she and her team are doing. So we got the Cd and I got a lil braclet. That says WE ARE and mat 5:14 on the side ♥

Guys, I have a prayer request…Ok several 1. That I have a smooth labor and a very healthy baby boy. 2. A Camera!!!  Thanks. Much Love!

One of the things the hubs and I notice is that all those who are on top for the kingdom, truly have an air of humility and are humble.

♥ Be Blessed!
Until Next Time, Ciao!

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Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

Art Club Walk at the Penthouse!

The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. Genesis 3:21

 photo IMG_20130614_195707_zps742cf5f6.jpg

Seriously it was amazing! Check it out, they had live Jazzzz!!!!

Last week I did what I always wanted to do, I attended an Art scene, and I fell in Love! Moments like these I wish I had a camera other than my iphone or touch pad…. 😦

Oh, it was like stepping into a dream or a movie scene. I must say I was impressed. I remember getting all giddy and excited. I was like …this, this is where I’m meant to be. I took everything in. The people, the art the FOOD! Yes thank GOD for the Food!
 photo IMG_20130614_195618_zps98b88cea.jpgThey had shrimp & grits and something else that was super delicious on a spoon. Who ever catered this event. WOW.
 photo IMG_20130614_195634_zps4ab97aa8.jpg

Although I did go solo, (it’s not the hubby’s scene, plus he had baseball practice), I did meet a cool person, who kept me company and she was so kind. She had a lil girl at home and was telling me stories of her family. GOD bless her. She was so beautiful. She was there for a friend who was an artist and introduced me to her friends. AWESOME. God is good. Before I went I remember praying Lord help me, if I’m meant to make a friend then I hope I do, if not it’s okay. 🙂
 photo IMG_20130614_202335_zps1e24dc9a.jpg

I forgot names but the one on your right is a College buddy of Jill who was the acquaintance I made in the parking lot of the event she’s all the way on the right and the sassy one in the middle was the Artist friend.

They were so kind. Oh yes and the event also had wine…Nice. I didn’t drink, excuse me I’m with child….ok onward to the pics!

So I mingled, and met another artist. I’m not afraid to go anywhere by myself or to be by myself and I usually stray and talk to different people look around in different angles that’s just me. I just can’t be at one place. I’ve always been like that….
 photo IMG_20130614_195727_zpsc34a12b7.jpg


This beautiful artist who’s expertise are hearts, she loves painting hearts, her name is Beth Palmer . She had given me a fantastic idea, which I will reserve until the perfect time to announce it, if I do decide to pursue it. It was fascinating. Inspiration can come from anywhere! Especially at an Art scene! Amen!

 photo IMG_4960_zps505a48d6.jpg

Did I mentioned we were all the way at the “Pent House” Yea. The view was fantastic and the light perfect, these pictures don’t give it justice. By the way this was Jill’s Artist friend’s work. She works with oil, I’m so sorry I didn’t catch her name but she also didn’t have any cards 😦  Ce’la vie.
 photo IMG_4961_zps4a43b810.jpg

Aren’t these flowers GORGEOUS! I love what this Artist said about her work, “Hand Grown in Durham, North Carolina” She has a lovely Etsy Shop: ,  Her work reminded me of a technique called quilling. So I asked her about it, she said she had been doing this long before she knew what quilling was.
 photo IMG_4962_zpsea6ee83c.jpg

I didn’t get a chance to speak with this artist nor get their information but, as you can see they are truly talented. Amazing.
 photo IMG_20130614_202841_zpsc7868d68.jpg

Then I met Edie Cohn  I was thoroughly impressed. Her medium here is Acrylic on a red backdrop. She had told me she first started with charcoal, so she was first a charcoal Artisan which then grew into paint. Her detail is impeccable. She catches emotions like none I’ve seen before.
 photo IMG_20130614_202757_zps2773de1e.jpg

In person these paintings truly are something to behold.
 photo IMG_20130614_203755_zps0fdfec73.jpg

And then I met another lovely Artist…
 photo IMG_20130614_203852_zpsda1b6af8.jpg

Bethany, Bethany Bash.
 photo IMG_20130614_203805_zpsb05fc622.jpg

She was HILARIOUS! Not intentionally mind you. Which made it that much more funny!
 photo IMG_20130614_203842_zpsc6605911.jpg
Let me tell you! So as I was hovering over her work station and pitching her my awesome idea, that I received earlier that evening, wink, wink. A few interested people of her work came by so I skedaddled.  And hovered else ware. I’m pretty good at not over staying my welcome, I feel it in the air.
 photo IMG_20130614_203813_zps65a6b9b3.jpg

Then As I was just standing and basking in the ambiance of creativity and artisans of all walks of life, you know truly enjoying myself, Bethany Bash came up to me out of nowhere. She was GLOWING. I had mentioned my observation and she leans in and tells me “I just sold some of my paintings!” & I stated “So you glow when you sell paintings.” We both laughed. It was too funny.

I later learned that Bethany had a 5 month old waiting for her at home. I congratulated her and was impressed that she’s out here doing her thing. It was such a great time. I learned from Bethany that house wives are skittish, haha it’s a joke between us, we had later established that I was not a house wife but a mom in training.

There were many more Artisans and I couldn’t possibly meet them all with the time allotted (2hrs) but it was so much fun and I fell in Love with Art, with Jesus always and am inspired to just keep at it. To keep reaching for the stars… Who knows I may land on the moon. ♥

 photo IMG_4958_zps3c525bdf.jpg

I got to start taking picture of me at these events I always forget! But this was me getting ready for that night. It was AMAZING!!

Lord, I just want to take this moment to thank you. Thank you Jesus for truly opening my eyes, for allowing me to truly live. Before you I lived in darkness now I see the light. I am aware and I am truly enjoying my life like never before. Thank you God. Thank you!

One Pocketbook at a Time….Oh-La-La Africa!

And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:27

 photo IMG_5008_zps7c5af5af.jpg

As I write this, I’m in Tears. Yes Tears! No, not sad tears but tears that acknowledge and know GOD is Here. GOD is with you. WOW!


In the making of this unique one of a kind “Tailored Expressions” I had a chance to reflect on Waiting, Patience and Frustration. One thing that comes to mind is the phrase:

“Nobody told me”

In the bible, GOD tells us EVERYTHING we can expect with Life.

 photo IMG_5027_zpsab4eb7dc.jpg

This bag is a reflection and a revelation of the verse Luke 14:27. At the end of the completion of this bag these words hit me hard. Before going into creating this bag, I really didn’t understand this verse and I remember questioning what does it truly mean? I had many ideas but no revelation.

I just kept moving forward.

There’s just this unique peace that comes with Christ, so when you’re in the beginning stages of meditation on what Luke 14:27 reflects, it’s hard to grasp.

He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth. Isaiah 53:7

 photo IMG_4984_zps9db50b99.jpg

As I began the process of ordering materials chosen by my awesome client, by the way the GORGEOUS fabric was my Clients fabric who had Gone onto a Missions Trip to Africa and came back with this rich fabric! Amen! So honored that she confided in me to rip apart this fabric an create something Gorgeous. Thank you Molly, so much for the Opportunity! Amen.

In a nutshell, seriously speaking, we’re like clay in the hands of GOD, in my case it was like this fabric. We all have our own story, history and our own journey and once we allow GOD to get a hold of us! WATCH OUT! HE will certainly transform us if we trust Him,  HE can lead you into rising up to be your true self. Who you always were meant to be. There’s going to be moments that are a burden that feel heavy and you wonder…WHY?  Just as the fabric cannot see it’s self nor it’s future burden (the camera that will be gracing it) it only sees what it’s losing, the pain of the transformation and maybe the few things it gains. But if we just keep our eyes in what we lose in the past, how can we function with the capacity GOD has given us presently?

Oh and an important point also, You have to keep your mouth —- zipped, meaning no complaining, whining and TRUST in HIM! HALLELUJAH! Because to be honest Everything HE does He does it for your good. ♥

 photo IMG_5113_zps6f42a932.jpg

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

You see there’s a process.

You have to learn how to wait…and not just regular waiting its the waiting that’s done with affirmation that the Creator of the Universe has your best interest. It’s the waiting that hurts the most but you can’t complain because you’ll just be going backwards.

Think about this…

We want things NOW, in Our time. We get frustrated when it’s not done our way. We really need to just give it all to Him, take the focus away from ourselves and cast it all on Jesus. This life is really not about you, it’s not about US, its about GOD. Bask in His Glory, delight in His strength and enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.

 photo IMG_5058_zps4daddbae.jpg

There’s an awakening that takes place in each one of us but it only happens when we’re seeking. When we’re searching, when we’re aware because when you do, you are tapping into that Universal POWER. You are tapping into GOD and allowing GOD to live and dwell inside you, to guide you.

 photo 303b5a96-fd90-423e-99ec-295edbbf6541_zpsedb0b95d.jpg

To the Owner of this Tailored Expression:

Let this camera bag, not only be a reminder of the sacrifice of your Missions trip you took with faith and a cheerful heart, but let it be a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for you. Let you constantly rejoice and be comforted by the weight of your bag and it’s contents, you know what you carry is your love for what you do and it’s worth the weight it’s worth the burden.

It’s the burdens we may carry when getting rid of ourselves and truly doing it all for Jesus, all for Love, that are truly the most rewarding. Remember Jesus Rose up the third day to take His place on the Throne! You’re reward is always just around the corner when going through anything with faith, with silent love and calling out to GOD. When following your walk with GOD, with JESUS you’re going to go through trials & tribulations. That’s a given, we all know this, that’s life, but there’s a burden that we carry when we truly are following His example, there’s a heaviness. That heaviness is us carrying the cross, that burden is the Crucifixion of our flesh. The dying to self to rise up to Jesus. So what ever opposition you face because of your savior JESUS CHRIST, that’s your cross. Praise Him! Because you know you’re gaining Ground from the enemy! AMEN! Stay in His peace.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

 photo IMG_5141_zps02e8f614.jpg

For More on this Tailored Expression Go to my FB page: Natural True Beauty

Let’s Bask in His light…

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,