Taking the leap towards… Eco Friendly?

“Yes, come,” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. Matthew 14:29

Last Thursday, I truly took everything in on the event I attended with Redress Raleigh Workshops. I truly love what they are doing. It’s so positive and inspiring.

I totally got my world ROCKED! To be honest it needed to be and happy that it did. I’m thankful for that storm, I felt like Peter when he was on the boat in the storm calling out to Jesus to walk on the water. You know walk on the impossible. I know GOD holds me in HIS hands because everything just starts falling into place.

I’ve decided to pursue in my gorgeous upcoming collections Eco friendly, Re-purposed design! To be honest I’ve already been given the materials to make this into a reality! I’m truly blessed to have individuals actually donate and give me fabric. What I’ve received from kindred spirits, are up to bolts of fabric that they just had laying around. Crazy right!

I have a nice collection of upholstery fabric not to mention our own unwanted lightly used clothing that I will be shredding up in no-time I have 3 big bags of clothing that my Hubby doesn’t even wear! Go figure. I have yet to look through these bags.

This is just 1 of many beautiful upholstery fabric I have in-stock.

I’ve also been given bags of scraps, just scraps of fabric that individuals did not want but are gorgeous. Seriously some of the prints I’ve come across in ironing out each pieces are truly Spec-tac.

I’ve just been sitting on these because I knew I could do something with them…but I didn’t know what. Then I stumbled across Redress Raleigh and If you have seen my post GOD and the City…Redress Raleigh, they are basically a catalyst for the Repurpose -Recycle(Upcycle), Eco friendly fashion community here in the Raleigh, NC area! Isn’t that exciting? Not to mentioned the name that God gave my company – ehem “NATURAL True Beauty”! Need I emphasize more!

When you’re meant to do something GOD just opens the doors little by little and when you are ready. I’ve had materials sitting in my studio for the past months not knowing what I was to do with them! I’ve finally figured it out, and that, “answer that was right in front of my eyes” I finally see it. And I’m going to take this leap of faith

No I did not make these but they are unwanted linen dresses that were given to me and I will be re-purposing them! They still have their tags on them!

To be quite honest I’m tremendously excited! I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store and I’m skipping this Spring/Summer season collections and Lord willing I will be show casing them next Spring/Summer. Because I’m Going straight into the Fall. That’s where I’m going to go full throttle! I’m feelin it! I just know that it’s the wisest decision I can make.

As for Custom, I’m leaving that untouched for now I like to work with so many different fabrics and I don’t want to limit my clients with what they want. ♥

Well until Next Time Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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