God & the City… 26 weeks

Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

Words are incredibly powerful. Imagine, this world is full of books, and words. Out of all creatures we are the ones who write. We have to be careful on how we interpret words and what type of vessel we are. Do we get offended easily or do we consider what was said to us? Mind you I know there are some people that are just cruel. I ignore those, so yea ignore the cruel words. But sometimes there’s a thin line between truthful words and cruel words, because at times…The Truth Hurts.

You see just the other day I was told I was gaining a bit to much weight. To be careful what I ate and to exercise. I’m Pregnant! It’s Hard! It HURTS! I felt misunderstood.. As soon as I left and went into my car I cried my little eyes out (yes I wont scratch that out I admit it!) and tried my hardest to praise GOD. The same day I got a gym membership and started to work out and not complain and commit myself to a daily work out regimen.

I decided to do what I know is right, instead of getting offended and staying in that offense by feeling sorry for myself. I decided to do something about it. Not for them but for me. The truth is I haven’t been working out as I should. I know I have to work out regularly and get in shape. I’m thankful that my husband finds me gorgeous even in this pregnancy size. Thank you Jesus! I did still felt wronged, criticized and misunderstood by the Doc. but… I know that I look good, For me, every woman’s body is different and I’m actually not gaining to much it’s just my body type but I would like a smooth pregnancy so I will work out not to loose weight but to strengthen my muscles and it wont hurt to get my arms and legs a bit tone.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is…How do you take the truth or something that hits you where it hurts? Some one could hit close to something that’s incredibly sensitive to you. Are you going to dislike them? De-friend them? Avoid them? Or are you going to respect their opinion and find out the truth for yourself. Don’t get offended easily, offense will hinder you from progressing. Be strong and RISE up. You’re Beautiful. Don’t ever forget.

Lately… I’ve been trying to think positive, letting go of the negative and casting all fears to Jesus. Works wonders.

Cravings… No, but I have a healthy appetite ♥

Pain? Worth it! I’m a strong WOMAN of GOD!

What they say? I’d rather not say 🙂

Feeling? The Joy of the LORD is my Strength, Seriously.

Until Next time! Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


2 thoughts on “God & the City… 26 weeks

    • Amen! I will ♥ Thanks for stopping by! It was difficult. I was surprised on how it did hit me. But how can we progress in our walk with GOD with out the storms at times. You know. 😀

      ♥ Linda Mendible

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