Dear GOD…Change…

First I just would like to thank you for everything. The storms the ups and downs and the peace you give that truly surpasses all understanding.

God…I just want to make sure that I’m on the path that you want me on and I’m going through so many changes. My body physically changing that’s a give-in, but also thinking about my gifts and talents. I need you every single moment of every single day. I can’t take a step without you Lord and I know that I’m not.

Even though I’m going through these changes Lord, I know in my heart they are meant to occur. Thank you for testing our hearts. For purifying us. Thank you for dying on that Cross. I also see that sometimes you allow us to face a ledge. What we do from there is up to us. I see how gentle and caring you are and how truly you allow us to make our own decisions for ourselves.

I’ve made my decision and I’ve decided to wait on you LORD. Isaiah 40:31 says it clear that I will soar on wings like Eagles. In facing this ledge I need you, so I, so we can soar together. 🙂

I know that some people don’t understand the meaning of waiting….I know that all I have to do is continue to work hard and wait in the Spirit for your answer. Sometimes I’m going to make mistakes…at times I’m going to fall but it’s all worth it because I know I’m doing it all for you, for my family and for me.

I’m glad we had this talk…thank you Jesus. ♥

You’re Great!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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