Dear GOD…Clinging to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,

Hey, how are you? How’s heaven? Heavenly I’m guessing hehe. Lord…how come there’s situations that you just don’t know what to do. Such as you  just don’t know what the “right” thing to do is. Your voice sometimes gets muffled from everyone else’s opinions, comments or concerns.

How can we discern your voice. I know many would say “Prayer” Pray about it. But sometimes the need to want something NOW is just so tempting. Help me to be still in all the chaos. Help me to learn to lean on you especially when I don’t know what to do.

I hope, if ever I stray from your path, that you would convict me enough to do it your way. So many things can hit us and bombard us, mixed with the voices of what you should do and how you should do it. Help us, Help those going through a crossroads in life Lord. Help us continue to keep our eyes on you. No matter who says what let our own conscience decide on what is right because we have faith that you guide even our conscience.

Lord, thank you so much for your insight, for your Word. I only hope that we cling to you Lord no matter what comes are way. No matter how much the wind howls, that we are able to hear your whispers.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


One thought on “Dear GOD…Clinging to Jesus.

  1. And Jesus says: All the answers to your questions are in MY love letter to you. All you have to do is draw near to me and I will draw near to you. That easy!

    I, me Beate, should know, because I have more adversity to shake my fist at every day. Ha HaHa! and………………………….. I am loving it, because it will be all worth it, when I see Jesus.
    As I submit myself to God, Satan will HAVE to flee and he does. That is why I do not need to worry, be afraid when my Muslim friend go nuts on me, be concerned about my future , whatever…. I was bought with a price and I am most certainly will not ever live in this ” Christian” American culture of wealth and stupidity.
    I am soooooooo bless Jesus saved me when He did. My 3 saved children married saved spouses and raising our grandchildren to the best of their ability to God’s glory!
    I wrote a blog about heaven also. I can’t wait to meat you in person! Be blessed!

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