35 weeks! Blessed :)

“Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher, “all is vanity!” Ecclesiastes 12:8

 photo DSCF1229_zps1f5588c1.jpgFYI That’s the first garment I’ve ever made, the polka dots 🙂

I can’t help but reflect on this scripture. I used to think if you do something with all your heart it’s not in vain. Come to find out that’s not entirely true. It’s doing something with all that you are, with all your heart for GOD, which is not in vain.

Before I was a believer, I always had this question “Why am I here?” You know, like why am I living? What is this life meant for. I’m sure a majority of people have asked this question at least once in their life. I couldn’t understand the meaning of life. I truly believe in God’s Word because it became reality in my life. How? Well I started searching, I started seeking. Yes there were days that I battled depression because I just couldn’t see the significance of my life. I couldn’t see why I was created and all I saw was selfishness. It’s a cruel world out there and people take advantage of people. I thought, “what? Is this life, go to work eat sleep and … Then do it all over again the next day?” Work for what? I just didn’t want my motivation to be money. You know? What significance is that? What worth is that?

 photo DSCF1228_zpsd1e04f09.jpg

Now I can honestly say, there is a purpose, YOU have a great Purpose in Life and you are incredibly special more than you can ever know. The world will lie to you and put you down when it can, but GOD He will lift you up if you call on His name, Jesus. If you ask Him for help.

In my darkest hour that’s exactly what I did. My life didn’t get better from one day to another it was a gradual change but what Jesus did save, was my soul. He filled me in a way that no one, nor nothing can ever do. Hey, this is my story and some people may call me brainwashed, some may call me a bible thump-er, but you know what, I Got purpose, I got peace and just about every question I ask it truly gets answered in the most significant special un-denying that GOD IS REAL way! Hallelujah!

I just want to say to you GOD Loves you, if you’re ever in a bind call out to Jesus.

I’m not the type that goes out, stand on a soap box and preach this message of the saving Grace of Jesus to everyone I meet or any one who can hear for that matter. I’d rather have them get to know me, although I’m far from perfect. I respect people and I know GOD works in mysterious ways, but you’re coming here, to my domain to my webpage, to me that’s just GOD guiding you if you happen to stumble here. ASK the Questions, Search for the Answers, because they are out there. Don’t get deterred from Jesus because of who “they” are, get to know who GOD is, who Jesus is. It’s not about a religion it’s about the Truth, a Relationship with the Creator. How can you find it if you don’t even ask?

 photo DSCF1227_zps37b679e4.jpg

Lately...I’ve been blessed to be alive! Thank you LORD! We got the Car seat in & the crib is up and sheets are in place, thank you Cary and Morrisville Fire department for installing our car seat! Just about everything is ready for baby, but this week I’m concentrating in sewing my Diaper/Hospital bag and packing it before the week is through Lord willing!

Cravings? Snickers, go figure, baby loves them 🙂 I’m usually not one for sweets. Except yummy deliciously well made FLAN!!!! I can eat a whole sheet of that bad boy! Oh yea!

Pain?  UNCOMFORTABLE is the word. The hip pain is back with some back pain 😦 Still the occasional kicks to the bladder. At night, just rolling over from one side to the other, yea, no bueno. But All Worth it!

What they say? When are you due?

Feeling? Honestly at times, like a beached whale. I mean It’s getting more difficult to do the small things. Thank you Jesus for my Hubby! He’s AMAZING! Please Bless him in extraordinary ways! AMEN!

 photo IMG_5725_zps2fca9bc1.jpg

I’m totally ENJOYING LIFE!
 photo IMG_5726_zpsae14e360.jpg

Well Until Next time! Ciao!

Video of the day: Jesus Culture Your love never fails

 photo IMG_5705_zps9f619f03.jpg

Going Natural with the Curls baby! oh Yea!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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