Baby Emanuel: Labor & Delivery

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

 photo IMG_6335_zpseb99594b.jpg

On September 7th 2013 I turned a wonderful 39 weeks! I’m so honored and blessed that I get not only document my story but also to share it with you all.

Before I go any further I would just like to add that this is a very long story filled with my opinions and there will be some very revealing words and pictures. So if you get offended easily, Don’t read any further. Read at your own Risk! 😀

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This day was also the day that my wonderful Mother-in-Law came from Venezuela to not only visit, but to welcome our soon to be born son. She first stayed over her other son Frank’s house that night and was planning on coming over our way the next day.

 photo DSCF1456_zpse3425d18.jpg

On September 8th my loving husband and I went to church. Lately I had been having a difficult time sleeping and for the past few weeks I was sleeping on the couch. Although uncomfortable I was enjoying every moment knowing our son was getting closer to gracing us with his presence. There was a part of me that wanted him sooner rather than later and then there was the other part of me that just wanted to make sure I had done everything I can do before my baby boy arrived. All in all I just gave it all to GOD.

 photo DSCF1454_zpsecee3503.jpg

9.8.13 8am – We arrived at Church. I usually don’t ask my husband to park close to any entrance let alone the church entrance. I just let him park anywhere he wants, and it’s usually far, but on this fateful day I just couldn’t imagine walking as much and I didn’t care if walking helped induce labor, I was over it. So I ask him to park closer. I wasn’t my cherry self this morning and I was more uncomfortable than usual. Thank you Lord for giving my husband Grace. hehe.

Before church service there were a group of guys asking my hubby about when I’m due and telling me I look like I was about to pop and making jokes about the way I walked, I just smiled and thought. :O  I must be looking big. And I just ignored any negative thoughts because I was to tired to even give energy to that nonsense.

After the service on the ride home I told my husband “I now see why some woman are like, ‘I can’t wait till this baby gets here‘ because I can’t wait till he’s here!” while rubbing my over sized belly. My husband just looked at my belly and said “Emanuel don’t come until after my game is over.” My husband had a baseball game later on after church.

When we got home I also did something I normally don’t do, feeling more exhausted than ever, I decided to take a long nap and I took my now usual spot on the couch. Said bye to the Hubby, blessed him and told him he will win the game! 😀 Then, when I had awaken I did what I’ve usually done these last few days and that was read others stories on, 😀 In hopes to bring some light on somehow predicting when I will go into labor. Hey a woman can hope.

In reading different stories, methods of inducing labor, etc, I also caught a story about a dance which induces labor. Since I had plans to go to a network Launch party meetup on the 10th of that week I said it couldn’t hurt to watch and try it after the 10th in hopes that baby Emanuel will come quicker.

So I watched this video:

My hips during these last couple of weeks were bothering me to the max and because of this I would spend some days doing a few moves on my yoga ball. I hear it helps widen your hips and takes the pressure off. And it truly did do wonders!

So after the nap and cool video, I did around 20 – 30min on the yoga ball, when my husband calls and says that the game is over and he’s coming over with his mom. So I jumped off that yoga ball and started to tidy up a bit, luckily things were pretty much done I was just doing a few finishing touches and then, my water broke.

At first  I was like “Did my water just brake?… Nooo…Yup. My water just broke.” I also felt a calm, tremendous joy and flashbacks of movies of women who’s water had just broken ran through my mind. I thought, ‘Could this be a false alarm?‘ It wasn’t the usual discharge, but it wasn’t a gush neither, but it did keep coming. And I then immediately called my doctor’s office which then advised me to come in.

Hey, I read stories of women who thought their water had broken, told the world, then had to explain to everyone that they peed themselves. Yea, I didn’t want to be on that boat so I called my Hubby who didn’t pick up the first time, grrr and then called him again and luckily he did pick up and told him “I think my water broke. But DON’T TELL ANYONE!” He replied “Can I tell my mom?” I said “Sure, but just her!” (I forget that Hispanic momma’s like my own, tell the world even after you say don’t tell anyone, but I digress)

Side Note: The practice that I see rotates around physicians and GLORY be to GOD the Most HIGH! I got the doctor that I had secretly wanted for my labor!!!! HALLELUJAH! GOD IS GOOD! And let me tell you God’s hands were all over these days and still are! Thank you Jesus!

My Hubby came home extremely nervous haha XD, Luckily I had my bags packed. He took a quick shower and got himself together.
 photo DSCF1458_zpsfd60c184.jpg

And we’re off! As they say in Venezuela “Me Fui!”

 photo DSCF1460_zps01bc7796.jpg

You know guys, I just like to add that GOD is so amazing and He truly knows each and every single one of us to the depths of our hearts.

The Lord truly knows how to reach me and before getting into the car a special butterfly flew by us.  That even my Hubby noticed it. I don’t see this one particular butterfly often. God speaks to me through butterflies and a moth one time. Crazy huh?

It was the same butterfly that I saw when I left an abusive relationship and went towards a new & better life, it was the same butterfly that I asked GOD for a sign about my now husband while I was walking the park & my phone rang, my then boyfriend now hubby called me and this butterfly appeared and hovered over me while we were talking and we were talking about living together! Now this butterfly has appeared before the coming of my Son. HALLELUJAH!!!

God knows me just like He truly knows you. I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!! He let me know that this was it, that everything was going to be beautiful, full of love and His Glory. I LOVE YOU GOD! Even through my weaknesses, He still blesses me. Even through my failures.

 photo DSCF1462_zpsaa4db73b.jpgLook at him all nervous!

5pm – We are checked in to Rex hospital I’m placed on a monitoring machine and waiting for my contractions to kick in.

 photo DSCF1466_zps89477bab.jpg

I’m also waiting for the doctor to arrive to check if my water actually did brake. I did become teary eyed because it would be so embarrassing if my water didn’t brake, but I remembered the butterfly.

So the Doctor checked. It was pretty painful and I was 1cm 50% effaced stage 1. And Yes the water had actually broken. I popped.

So we were sent up to L & D.

 photo DSCF1470_zps08c43df3.jpg

 photo DSCF1473_zpsa6609e1f.jpg
Everyone including my Hubby was happy!
 photo IMG_6330_zps2178ab68.jpg

When I found out it wasn’t a false alarm I called my mom and baby sis (posted a pic on instagram, you know how we do!) and they came straight over. It’s truly a blessing to have family that will love you no matter what. Lord you are too good to me. Thank you. photo DSCF1476_zps75fb42ca.jpg

 photo IMG_6328_zps229db121.jpg
That’s my momma! She def helped me out a great deal.

Again God, JESUS is so awesome and was all over my Labor & Delivery. My momma is an incredibly hard working woman. She’s a nurse who usually works nights and she hardly takes a day off. She had taken a few days off  the week of my labor and there was even a day she signed up to work, and they actually said she wasn’t on the schedule, which gave her one more night with me and this never happens!! I Praise you JESUS! And it all fell around the time I went into Labor and when my son arrived. How Awesome is GOD. Seriously!!! 

God Directs our steps even when we don’t think or believe so.

So my Mom, Mother-inlaw, baby Sister, and Hubby were all there for this special moment and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it was perfect.

8pm – Although I wanted to go Natural.  Yes, I wanted a Natural Birth, eh pain meds just Good Ol’ Nature. I was placed on a pitocin drip. 😦  I wasn’t progressing and my contractions weren’t kicking in yet. One of the fears that doctors have is infection especially after your water brakes. So they rarely check how dilated you are. (Which that part is a good thing because when they check it’s pretty painful!)

When the contractions started kicking in, all I can say is that it is no joke. How can I describe them? Try someone squishing all of your ovaries, uterus, lower abdomen like it’s play dough lasting for about a minute. Subsiding and happening all over again, and you know it’s going to happen again and it just gets more intense. Forget about intense menstrual cramping, this was way worse and extremely painful.

 photo IMG_6671_zps90f87d1c.jpg

I tried going on the exercise “yoga” ball it did help a bit and I was so thankful for my mom’s back messages. I moved positions quite a bit, to see if there was a position that relieved the pain, more than others. of course this quest was not met with success. But the nurse did mention that moving in different position helped the process move along.

 photo IMG_6673_zps7b57efc2.jpg

I tried handling the pain on my side but it’s no bueno. I tried everything but walking.

I was hooked up to too many machines to even try and when you’re going through those pains everything bothers you and you just want to tear everything off of you including your clothes. Seriously. I would even get mad at my baby sister who just happen to have a new Iphone 5 and could now face time. It was getting annoying. Lord help me.

By 2:30am I hand a choice, and I choose an epidural. My sister had said to me, “Linda why suffer when you don’t need to.” And I thought about that and a thought flashed into my mind first it was ‘yea’ and then ‘well GOD had blessed us with the way to make this technology possible. Bring in the MEDS!’

I knew that this was going to be a long labor, The contractions literally were the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire life. They also weren’t consistent (they weren’t happening every few minutes some contractions would be every 2min then every 5min, it fluctuated. They had to be consistent to reach 10cm) And I remember also thinking, “I don’t want to go through this, I want to still be pregnant“. And I knew things were only going to get worse. I mean seriously I hit a point of, I rather continue on being pregnant than go into labor. haha. The pain was intense. But the time had come and there was no going back.

When the nurse had come in with the Anesthesiologist I cried, not because of the pain, but because I knew I couldn’t do it/didn’t want to and I kinda let my self down. But that quickly went away and turned into relief. And I knew in my heart that I made the best possible choice. Not to mentioned GOD had blessed me with the most incredible nurse ever!!

Side note:Guys the pain of the Epidural is nothing compared to the pain of contractions. Seriously.

I remember back in my non-labor days thinking: I could handle it, I mean I truly considered myself a person that could handle pain. I’ve experienced a few things that were painful; but Labor by far is the most painful experience a woman can face. Kidney stones? I don’t know about Kidney stones but Goodness Gracious.

Also Guys, not for nothing but I am proud of my self because, at the time, I gave the best advice to my baby sister let alone to any woman.

You do not need to know how painful contractions are let alone child birth, it’s unnecessary.” And we nodded at each other in acknowledgement.

Hey these are just my beliefs and I respect and admire any woman that can handle them that would go through the natural process. I applaud you. I tip my hat to you ma’am. You are awesome! I also applaud the women who makes the decision in having an epidural/C-section, You are WOMAN! God Blessed us to bring life into this world. Let’s not be critical on how we decide or how we ultimately need to give birth. The most important part is that your baby comes out healthy and strong. And Chica, my baby was extremely healthy!

Not to mentioned that my awesome Nurse did assure me that the epidural does not affect baby, because it is not introduced into the blood stream. Amen!

 photo IMG_6672_zps5191944a.jpg

So my Awesome nurse, She made me feel more relaxed about my decision. She had told me how she had all Natural birth with both of her children but it was because her labor only lasted 6 hours with her first and 4hrs with her second. She also stated that if it were longer she would definitely had chosen pain meds, Especially how long mine was. Thanks Girl. It did put my mind at ease. God Bless you! She also said she was proud of me. Haha at the time her words were so soothing. And still are. Thank you Jesus.

God you know all, and I will always trust you with my life. You have blessed me beyond wonders!

After the Epidural it took some time but I would not take back nor do I regret my decision. I’m fantastically happy and thankful that I made a difficult decision and did not wait till it was too late.

And everyone in that room supported my decision. My mother-in law and my mom are two strong woman they had all their children without any pain meds not to mentioned long labors. To be honest I couldn’t imagine. They said there’s a point that you literally feel like you’re going to die but you don’t. To be honest I can totally understand that and I don’t even think its over exaggerating.

Also many relate the pain to Passing a Kidney stone and some say that passing a kidney stone is worse. I agree, I mean I never passed a kidney stone but when you give birth, after all the pain you are filled with joy and blessed with a very special and beautiful gift. After passing a kidney stone, I mean really, what are you left with? A stone?

By 3am I’m somewhat pain free and relaxing!! HALLELUJAH! Thank you Jesus! But everyone else is sleeping

 photo IMG_6331_zps83387433.jpg

 photo IMG_6333_zps02009ebe.jpg

Other than my Mom, She’s a nurse and works nights. We stayed up and the nurse came every so often to check on me and we even had a great conversation! I think I made a new friend 🙂

6am – or so the nurse had checked my progress. I was around 7cm. And I had kicked everyone but the hubby out. And boy did they want to stay. hehe. Sorry Family, I love you all but it was going to get ugly first before it got beautiful.

7:50am – I was 10cm and I was then told to start pushing!

My Husband was incredible, he handled it all like a champ, not to mentioned by the grace of GOD that the nurses I think prepared him somewhat because almost every nurse would tell him not to pass out. That if he passed out they would just have to step over him. LOL. So he took his job counting to 10 seriously.

Each time I had a contraction he would help put one of my legs up while the nurse held up my other leg and he would count to ten in his beautiful yet broken English. It would of been a romantic moment if it wasn’t for the fact I was in labor. But it was wonderful and he was great. There even was a time that the nurse had to step out to get the doctor and he was all by himself. He was like “oh I think another one (contraction) is comingcome on! 1…2…3…” And I fell in love deeper with him. I knew, “this man got my back

I did feel when a contraction was coming and knew when to push. And I followed my instincts in that.

9:04am – Our Beautiful Son Emanuel Rafael Mendible had finally Graced us with His beautiful presence! I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
It was the most incredible experience I had ever had in my life.  I remember hearing “look at those arms, He’s going to be big like his dad” from my doctor and nurse. The best part was seeing my baby boy cry and him being placed and laid on my chest where he whined just a bit and wanted to get closer to me. I fell in LOVE! I could tell I put my baby boy at ease when he was with me. The connection and the experience still brings tears to my eyes. HALLELUJAH!
 photo IMG_6674_zpsf2dfd528.jpg

Although I had an Epidural I did feel when I needed to push, when a contraction was coming and how they were getting more intense, I felt pain, but I know that it wasn’t the pain I would of felt if I didn’t have the Epidural. I even felt when the doctor was stitching me back up. She had said I didn’t have too many laceration just a few. I totally forgot to ask how many stitches. But Guys, I still have my stitches in and I’m still healing. But I get to go through this.

I think one of the joys of being a mom is also providing the best you can for your child. And nothing could be better than being able to breastfeed. Mind you I’m not at all against formula because I do know of some moms who are not able to produce milk for their child and that’s okay. Thank the LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY for 2013, formula, epidurals and cellphones!

In my decision and to stimulate my milk production, I breast feed as soon as I could & I did. I’ve also heard that its a great thing to feed your child as soon as they come out. What Joy! And this little guy is so awesome He first wanted to open His eyes before He did anything else, so I let him open first His eyes and then I fed him.

 photo DSCF1480_zps79e2fb80.jpg

I know some women have difficulty in breast feeding especially first starting out, but I for some reason just knew how to. And I enjoyed it. ♥ Thank you Jesus all the Glory goes to you LORD. All the Glory goes to you GOD!
 photo IMG_6675_zps06d2d7d1.jpg

One thing that I have noticed through out my pregnancy and now through out my child’s life, people will always tell you what to do and some might even force it on you. But I just want to say for mom to be’s and new mommas. Trust your heart. That’s God’s still small voice.
 photo DSCF1489_zpsb43e62cc.jpg
 photo DSCF1491_zps57fd42d0.jpgBy the way his shirt reads “Silly Daddy Boobs are for babies” The nurses had a fun time with that shirt. haha!

The connection between mother and child is so unique Special and such a blessing.

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

LORD, I pray for all the women out there who can and cannot have children, I pray that your will be done in our lives for Jeremiah 29:11 rings true you Know the plans you have for us LORD Plans to prosper us and not to Harm us Plans to give us Hope and a future. May we continue to hold on to your WORD may our eyes not falter from you. May we keep our eyes above the water, may you bring peace to our hearts for your word says that in Isaiah 55:11 “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” And it says in Phil 1:6 “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Hallelujah we praise you Lord through it all!
 photo 12-snull-9150_zpsa7ae7147.jpg

 photo 11-snull-9147_zpsacd8aab7.jpg

 photo 05-snull-9131_zpsa61d8def.jpg

 photo 06-snull-9134_zpse2d27c23.jpg

 photo 07-snull-9137_zps201f5bd2.jpg

 photo 09-snull-9143_zps13fcc2cc.jpg

 photo 02-snull-9124_zps19bc2728.jpg

 photo 01-snull-9123_zpsc87f3a96.jpg
Until Next time! Ciao!

Video of the Day: Bethel Ven A MI

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


7 thoughts on “Baby Emanuel: Labor & Delivery

  1. Oh my such a story of love and enduring what seems impossible for a small miracle from God. I’m inspired by this mire ways than one. Update will be shared soon as my reading here was graced with wisdom and a parable to share soon.


  2. To God be the glory. I woke up this morg and remembered you and fortunately when I went thru my mail I saw wordpress notification from your post. All glory belongs to God, congrats !

  3. You’ve done an excellent job, Linda. What a trooper! All glory to God for getting you through. You took me back down memory lane. Through all the labor and pain, I’d do it all over again as you already know. Praise God for blessing you and hubby with a precious bundle of joy. My heart is so enraptured by your empathy, love and support for women who cannot have children as well as those who chose other methods of L&D. We all vary in pain tolerance so as long as our babies are safe then it’s okay to do as one pleases. Every story and journey is different. May we continually encourage one another along the way.

    Congrats many times over to you and your family for the new addition! You did it! Thank you for sharing your story and pics. To God be the glory forevermore!

    Hugs, love and blessings always,


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