God and the City…Taking a mini Break…

But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. 1 Corinthians 2:10

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Hey! How are you?! I’m hoping amazing! GOD IS GOOD! Amen!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m HEALED! HALLELUJAH!!!! Thank you JESUS! AMEN! I had my 6 week postpartum and everything checked out ok! YAY!

Blessed beyond measure. I want to thank you all who prayed for me and who care about me. Thank you all so much for your kind words and gestures, they are most definitely appreciated.

This week I’ve decided to take a mini Break. Just to catch up on a few things and to be Still for a while. I have so much on my plate and I have to give it my all. I want to do things the right way and I don’t want to rush anything that GOD has laid on my heart.

I know this is the best decision I can make at this time, But you can also catch me on FB Natural True Beauty | Instagram NaturalTrueBeauty or LindaMendible | Twitter @NaturallyTrue or @LindaMendible You may find me posting or it may be a bit silent. But I am taking a break from posting on this blog.

I believe, if  you’re going to do anything for GOD you have to do the best you can. To give it your all. This break is me taking a leap of faith to do what it is I need to do with ALL MY HEART.

I feel as though I’m going to another level, another zone and I need to prepare my mind, heart, and everything else for this.

Truthfully, I’ve been fighting the urge to give up. I’ve been fighting the “it’s to hard” and the “I can’ts” with Phil 4:13.

I’ve been having a pressure on me to do things a certain way and I know this week is a time I can catch up on things that must be caught up on. Continue to pray for me, continue to pray for Natural True Beauty and it’s future.

I am not giving up. No, not at all.

I’ve noticed when we look at the exterior of any one who is on top, or any great thing, we don’t see the work that is done behind the scenes. The sacrifices that are made or being made.

This day for me starts the beginning of breaking through a wall. I can do all things through Christ. I WILL SUCCEED in Jesus name!

My hope is to remain constant. Although this may seem like a step back, on the contrary it’s a step forward and a step I must take in order for everything to fall into place.

You know, any dream. Any accomplishment you want to purse it’s not easy, it’s not going to be easy and you are going to have to have FAITH and Fight through the doubt. Having patience and each day giving it your all.

No one says this life was easy. No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through the tough time, no one. But you have a choice! You can rise up, beyond the doubt, beyond the name calling and rise up with CHRIST. It’s your choice and your choice alone. You can continue on being the “Victim” or you can take up the Power God has given you, the power that is within you. Yes you have to work at it, yes you will have nights you will cry, nights you will be exhausted. But if you continue for GOOD, for LOVE, for PASSION. It’s worth it. But only YOU can change where you are, only YOU can change your life. What are you doing?

Until Next time! Ciao!

Video of the Day: I AM GOING TO MAKE IT

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


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