Fashion Fridays! Green the New Black!

…he will give a crown of beauty for ashes… Isaiah 61:3

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As we become more conscious of the effects we are having on our environment we start looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint. Finding lucrative ways to be creative in all things including, FASHION!

One of the catalyst that is hitting up the scene with it’s dynamic approach to the Runway and it’s many adoring fans is Redress Raleigh!

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Based in North Carolina Redress Raleigh is known throughout the Triangle, NC for hosting the premiere eco-fashion show of the region. Starting with their 1st show in March 2009, the annual Spring show highlights innovative, accessible, and wearable responsibly-made fashion.

 photo _DSC5279copy_zps1d78b647.jpeg
As a designer I was honored to be part of Redress Raleigh Fall Expo & Fashion Runway special of Eco-Conscious Designs. I had created and designed handbags along with matching scarves hitting the catwalk with a flare and passion for GOD.

 photo _DSC5084_zpsf4bb2e14.jpeg

God is incredibly Faithful and when you are called to do something GOD surely provides. This may be my first steps into fashion but it’s surely guided by the grace of God.

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I’ve never really considered the impact the fashion world has on what I wear, nor the impact that my own clothing makes. Until I myself stumbled across this new world.

Sustainability is definitely becoming a new way for artists and innovative designers to express themselves giving mainstream Fashion a run for their wallets.

 photo _DSC5262copy_zpsde8c05a4.jpeg

It’s not only now hip to wear a local designer, made in the USA or sustainability friendly, it’s a necessity, as our world plummets with unethical ways of creating garments. (I mean have you seen the sweat shops in these other countries?)

Next time you buy those new pair of shoes, or that extravagant top. Ask yourself, what impact are you making? What message do you want to say with who you choose to wear.

Choose wisely, Choose local.

Heavens get yourself a Natural True Beauty Bag! That’s a start. Visit the Online Etsy Shop: Natural True Beauty by Linda Mendible

Use Promo Code: GODISGOOD to get 25% off your next purchase!

Until Next Time! Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,


4 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays! Green the New Black!

  1. These are marvelous Linda! Are they selling like hotcakes !? I don’t own a credit card but you’ve got all my prayers sweetheart ! You’re going up! I’m so proud of you ! xoxo You look gorgeous !

  2. We see the same assumption about Sunday being the day God was talking about in his ten commandments, which we see in the Pope’s letter. Yet SUNDAY is the pagan festival of the venerable day of the Sun god. The SEVENTH-DAY is the Sabbath which God asked His people to remember, not Sunday.

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