Top 5 Fab Fabrics of the Week! Handmade.

The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. Deuteronomy 28:1

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What comes to mind when you think of handmade? One of the things that we as a fast paced, super-size me, made in “china” society has lost, is the simplistic and original content that only comes from something truly made from the heart.

Hand made people! It’s the new trend or so it should be! Seriously! As a handmade maker of all things beautiful ehem. hehe. I shall say that I’m an advocate of locally made. I never was like this. I didn’t understand the value lost in overseas transactions and factories called “sweatshops” that cater to big corps and such. I’m paraphrasing.

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But I to fall victim to outsourcing materials. I admit it. But you know what going green doesn’t happen over night and neither does getting educated on where your garments are massed produced. One of my goals as a designer, maker of bags and lovely things is to source high quality materials from here in the states, keeping the economy boosted and usually when things are made here in the States or are local it’s made from an entrepreneur or small business and I for one want to support small businesses in my country. I was born in this country and so is my son. Although I do have a rich Dominican Heritage which I am proud of, I live here in the U.S.

 photo il_570xN411925597_aryc_zps47833da9.jpg

My mom says that the American dream has died. I for one know that with GOD all things are possible. I’m not saying to not buy from overseas, because I would buy from a small business over seas or a Big Eco-Conscious company in a heart beat vs. a Big manufacturer overseas who doesn’t care about their employees and harms the environment.

But I have to educate myself on what is the process that these items/materials/products are made with in order to make a difference in my purchasing decisions.

 photo il_570xN184642778_zps14c410c0.jpg

Are they overstaffed and underpaid? Or are they trying to enrich the community of artisans around them? I guess you can say I’m biased. I am a local designer, I’m a hand-maker of my products. But I have a vision to keep it Handmade, good quality, sustainable goods no matter how big or small I am.

 photo bird_zps92d7c558.jpg

As I become more infused with handmade, local, eco – conscious designs. I start becoming more educated on my environment and surroundings. I LOVE that GOD has given me this opportunity to be a sustainable, eco-conscious designer. I feel so honored to partake in such an awesome adventure and I can’t wait to share with you all and the world.

Because what I do here can be done anywhere. You may live in another country, you may have a dream of becoming a business owner or developing your talents and I say, “GO FOR IT”. Learn about your environment get infused with the rich culture and the people you can bless around you right where you are.

Because once we discredit those around us, follow the “hype” we become lost in the buzz and follow without knowing exactly what we are following or supporting. Where is your shirt from, that you’re wearing. what was the process of those earrings/bracelet?

I’ve met so many business owners, artisans, craftsmen and believers in sustainability that these people are like a family. They actually care about their environment and support one another. Once you start becoming more educated on what you put on you, you also start becoming more educated on what you ingest. Usually the handmade society is tied in with the organic, farmers market group. Because when you support local businesses you also support your local farmers, shakers and makers. ♥

What we purchase speaks more about us, then we like to think.

In effect, when we become conscious on how companies treat their employees & environment and not how much more or less an item is then we can change the economy and our way of living for the best. It’s about doing what’s right, not whats easy or convenient. That’s my take on handmade, what’s yours?

Until Next Time! Ciao!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

For His Love & Glory,

P.S. Going “Green”, Shopping local and becoming aware of what you ingest is a process. I’m still just starting but it’s worth the journey! Start small and work your way up. Making educated decisions! ♥ Thank you Jesus! Allow God to also guide you. Be Blessed. Get to know your community there are rich resources around you.


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