Pastor Dionny Baez

40 days and 40 nights…

Last Friday, Dec 2, 2011 My Husband, Pedro and I went to see Pastor Dionny Baez…Here is a little bit about him…

Pastor Dionny Baez has fasted an incredible 40 days and gives testimony towards this on youtube… It is in Spanish. By the gracious Spirit of God, I have translated his Testimony in English. 

Here is the Sermon of Pastor Dionny Baez after 40 days of fasting…

I translated in a brief description of his testimony in English. Glory to GOD!

Pastor Dionny Baez, discusses how he had fasted for 40 days. In a small room on the 2nd floor of a church. With faith he had set 2 chairs and one of those chairs was for GOD and the other for himself so that GOD and him may talk, and that GOD may see that he has faith because…

For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” Romans 1:17

Then in the midst of the dark room he began to pray on the floor. He then began to hear music and singing. Pastor Dionny Baez describes this singing as, when you would put up the stereo in your house the same was with the music it got louder and louder the singing, were from women and harps, but these women were different from the ones from the earth they were singing as though they didn’t need to breath but sang and sang. He was getting scared, He asked God what was going on, but he didn’t want to get up. Then he saw  a light, from the other room and he knew that the moment was coming that he will see, face to face his Creator! When he became strong he got up and opened his eyes and in the chair where he had set up, he saw the most beautiful person you can ever see, the most beautiful silhouette, you can ever see with your eyes. When he recognized that, this person was Jesus Christ, he lost all strength from his body and fell to the floor again. And came a voice so so sweet, so  beautiful the most sublime that he has ever heard and said “Have peace and rise” and in that moment the strength had returned to his body and he got up.

Pastor Dionny Baez then says “How beautiful is our Lord, look you have to wait for the Lord. It doesn’t matter that the time has passed and it doesn’t matter that you are praying for your petition the time passed and you have seen nothing, the Lord tells you, Keep Praying and keep praying & trusting in me because I will do great things in your life. Oh it’s your marriage! Well keep praying because the Lord will fix your Marriage! Oh it’s my children that are in drugs! Well keep praying because GOD has the Solutions for your problems! Give the praise and Glory to our Powerful GOD, He lives!

The Lord had then said to him “Press on, because I have great cases to show you.

Pastor Dionny Baez states that he does not know why, but he said on to the Lord, “Well Lord, let me do this, I will lay down on this bed and when you say rise, I will rise.He then went quickly. Then the Lord said “Rise” but when he got up he felt different he felt lighter, almost as a feather. When he saw his right hand, he didn’t have the same clothes as he did before, he saw a white sleeve. He looked down at his chest, and saw that he was dressed in all white! Hallelujah! When he looked behind him he saw his body still laying down.

Pastor Dionny Baez than began stating that after death is not as everyone says, that you turn to rocks or donkey’s, dogs, or animals it says clearly in Hebrews …

Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, Hebrews 9:27

…then they began to go like a beam, the Lord and him took a trip in the Spirit to what seem like a Spanish city. And there was a street that he was walking with the Lord and the Lord kept saying “Follow me, Follow me” and he kept following the Lord. Hallelujah!

Then at the end of the street was a bar, and in front of the bar were a group of young ones, and they went closer. These young ones couldn’t see the Lord or Pastor Dionny Baez, nor the grotesque horrible looking creatures that were around them nor could these creatures see them.

Then, one of the young ones had gotten up asking, “Manny! Where is Manny?” Then another young one said “What’s going on?” Than the young one got closer and asked him “Manny, Do you have a light?” the other young one (Manny) said “Yes, of course I do,” and he took out a lighter from his right pocket. The other young one took out from his other pocket what it looked to be a blunt of marijuana. Then, with all the other young ones, they began drugging themselves with marijuana meanwhile the demons that were around them began laughing and laughing, making fun & laughing at the young ones. The Lord was looking at them with sadness. Then the young one Manny got up and said “Well I have to go to my house” and said bye to all the other young ones.

The Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez began following him. He began walking and crossing the streets. Then, coincidentally in front of his house was a park, and in this park a baseball field, & next to this baseball field, a basketball court.  On this night, in the basket ball court was a campaign. In this campaign were those they call, the evangelistic. And they were glorifying the name of the Lord. Hallelujah! He saw angels everywhere, no one could see that they were there.

The Pastor grabbed the attention of the young one, because the Pastor was preaching about hell, and the young one got closer to the campaign. The Pastor than finished his sermon and began praying, in the midst of praying he began crying then he started calling out to the people and he saw the young one Manny in the distance. The Pastor signaled him and the Pastor said “Young one, it is necessary that you escape from hell, escape from hell, escape from hell, today can be your last night!”

The Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez were close to the young one and he saw two demons on either side of Manny. Pastor Dionny Baez then began hearing the demons speaking with the same voice as Manny saying, “Manny, this Pastor is crazy, that is a lie, hell is not real, look at these people being embarrassed, in front of everyone else, you have to get out of here, all this is a lie, these people are crazy.” and Pastor Dionny Baez began hearing how  the demons with Manny‘s own voice kept talking and talking to Manny, and Manny said, “No, I don’t believe in that” and the Pastor said, “Hell is real, and today can be your last night!” Then Manny said “No, I don’t believe in that” and the Pastor insisted “escape from Hell“. Then the demons said “I’m going” and when the demons said this, Manny got up and said “I’m going” and he began walking.

The Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez, then began following the young one and he entered his house, he then came out with keys in his hands and entered a car. He went out burning rubber and Pastor Dionny Baez was seeing as he was disappearing in the distance. Then, the Lord looked at Pastor Dionny Baez and said, “lift up your face, and look.” When he looked they were not in the same place as before. Now they were on a huge street, it was as though it had just finished raining and in the distance he can see the traffic, and saw the same car that Manny had driven away in. It was the same young one, Manny driving the car and he began to go faster and faster & closer to where they were at. A buick had cut into the lane Manny was driving in, and Manny wanted to swerve out the way and when he swerved the car began rolling and rolling. Pastor Dionny Baez was seeing everything as if it were in slow motion. In seeing the accident in slow motion, he saw how the body of the young one started coming out from the door on the passenger side, threw the glass breaking everything, and his body had landed about 2 meters from where the Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez were standing in the spirit.

His body fell as a great impact, his body was disfigured, he was bleeding everywhere. But to Pastor Dionny Baez‘s surprise from that body came out a body the same as the young one Manny. The young one got up, and he didn’t know where he was, he started looking around and he couldn’t believe what had just happened to him. He looked at his body, he didn’t understand, then in that moment the two demons that were, earlier on his either side telling him that hell didn’t exist, each one of those demons grabbed each of his hand one his right the other his left. Pastor Dionny Baez heard when they said, “Manny, we were waiting for you

From the earth came out a great tunnel, the demons began making fun of the young one as they were taking him into the tunnel. Then, the Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez also began to enter the tunnel and they started walking. This tunnel was as though it was sticky, it smelled, and you can hear many screams coming from the end of the tunnel. Then many hands came out from the tunnel. These hands came out from everywhere, and in that moment the demons gave the spiritual body of the young one to these hands. These hands began torturing Manny, the young one began screaming, he didn’t know what to do, and the hands began passing him from one hand to another, until they reached the end.

The Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez began walking until the end, in the end of the tunnel was a huge door. This door was completely onyx, and at the young one‘s right was a huge grotesque demon he was totally onyx as well and completely naked and strong. The demon had these things on his body and when he saw the young one, he started laughing. In his right hand The demon had a spear and he stabbed the spear into the stomach of the young one. The young one didn’t bleed, he didn’t have a great big wound, the only thing that was, this young one cried and cried from the pain, and the demon, using the spear took the young one from the hands and tossed the young one into hell.

Pastor Dionny Baez then began saying how, the church doesn’t has the solution for you, nor religion has the solution for you. Only CHRIST! Escape from Hell, Escape from Hell.

The door remained open, and the demons couldn’t see the Lord or Pastor Dionny Baez and they began to walk into hell. When they passed, it was dark and the young one was screaming saying “No this can’t be happening to me!” “No! this is a dream, a dream.” But disgracefully it wasn’t, it wasn’t a dream. The Lord Jesus was looking at the young one sadly. In the darkness were these eyes that opened, and they we’re looking at the young one but the young one couldn’t see them. Then the eyes went and tackled the young one from where the young one was walking. The eyes were six demons. These demons didn’t have any form. Their feet were the same as there hands, their hands were the same as their bodies, their bodies were the same as their heads and they went flying through the air. In their right hand they had these hooks, and they began digging these hooks into the spiritual body of the young one. The young one began screaming, and while they were burying these hooks, they started flying out and dragging the young one‘s soul to another place.

The Lord and Pastor Dionny Baez began following those demons while the young one was saying “This can not be happening to me! This can not be happening to me!

They made it to the other place, this place was immense, it was huge in all sides and this place had many souls, all of them were dressed in black, with broken clothing & many multitudes of people screaming. In that moment, the demons were off to the side of all the multitude of millions of people as though they were waiting or expecting someone. At the end of the ceiling in the middle of the grand cavern that didn’t have an end, a person appeared. When this person appeared he began laughing and laughing, and in that moment he began throwing curses at the multitude of people.

And Pastor Dionny Baez with his own spiritual eyes, began seeing what appeared to look like black chains coming up from the floor attacking the people from the legs, until their very top. Then from the same floor, there started coming up these huge worms that filled up the floor. These worms entered into the person from the planter of their foot. The people tried to jump, they tried to run but there wasn’t a way out or a way to escape from these worms. The worms started going through their entire bodies. While this was happening, the person that was at the very top started throwing curses, and the people’s bodies started turning black and their flesh began rotting, and a horrible smell, filled that place. And at that same time every one of those people went to different places. Into the different places of torture in hell.

Then Pastor Dionny Baez went on saying “Hell, is real my beloved friends. The Lord Jesus shows us in different occasions that Hell is a place of torture where it doesn’t stop, and the worms never die. It’s where the soul is in an eternal state of suffering from centuries upon centuries. This life that we are living, is but a period of time, a short period of time. It’s not worth having the “enjoyment” of the world, because let me tell you, if the “enjoyment” of the world is to drink and to get drunk and the next day you wake up with great a headache, and everyone is with a hangover, the family in problems, your wife in problems and all the world in problems. Well then, I don’t want that form of enjoyment. If the world offers you the enjoyment in drugs, that destroys all your life, and all your family. Well then, I don’t want that form of enjoyment. I want to enjoy life with the Lord Jesus, because I know that the Lord Jesus has grand things for me and I know that he is with me!!!! Haleluja!!!       

Pastor Dionny Baez by the grace of GOD, has also battled witches & has this on you tube, these are recorded in Spanish.

You see, sadly many Spanish speaking countries have what they call Brujos, meaning Witches. They offer sacrifices to demons they dabble in black magic,etc. They take money from people who want to know the future, love, blessings, or to do cruelty or harm to others, as well as curses, etc.  They have many idols, and so on. THIS is real it is not a joke.

Give thanks to GOD for JESUS CHRIST. AMEN!!!

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, Colossians 1:13

Here he is combating a “Spiritual Person” with the living Word of GOD. It is very interesting & if anyone wants a Translation of one of these moments that he is trying to Save these people, just ask, and I will do my best. AMEN!

Therefore, anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human teaching but is rejecting God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you. 1 Thessalonians 4:8

I would like to add that GOD is a GOD of Love…Meditate on that, Ponder this. Ask for Revelation. Glory be to GOD the Most High!!!!

Hosanna in the Highest!!!

Linda M