My Sister’s Lovely Handbag!

My Client, my lovely little sister ♥,  had requested a large yellow hand bag.

When discussing the materials with my sister  I had decided to take things to another level. Taking into consideration the color scheme she wanted to portray. The “clients” ^_^ focus was obtaining that Special and Unique yellow. hmmmm, I shopped and looked around I had decided to go with lace on a white background to give the yellow a classic look. When looking for the white background I came across this leather looking material that not only looked good but felt amazing as well and was perfect for this particular purse I went with vinyl. I decided to make it 22″ length wise and around 5″ width with a height around 13.5” give or take a 1/2 an inch or two . The sides and bottom remained with the White material that I had come across.

Taking the exterior into consideration, I decided to go with this smooth silk looking material with beautiful sunflowers cascading on a polished background, in the poly prints section. I would imagine it to be 100% polyester, which had amazing bronze, Gold, yellows and browns. As for the interior she didn’t specify I only knew that she wanted something that was more vibrant then the exterior of the hand bag. The Handles I had stuffed with 100% cotton and they are covered with the white vinyl and yellow lace looking Oh-so-Fabulous! The Long Strap Was made with the yellow lace and white vinyl looking soooo cute with the extra baby pink stitching detail added to boot with amazing metal gear I had found at Hancock Fabrics. Everything Fell into place and came out amazing. I had also found a neckline of beads which gave me the inspiration to use it as a focal point for the purse. I’m thrilled and excited about the Finished Product and I’m very pleased with the work I had put into it as well as knowing that my sister is going to be amazingly satisfied.

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Now with a loving prayer and a goodbye, Buena Suelte and GODSPEED!

P.S. She’s going to use this purse for her Dance Class Gear. ♥

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Hosanna in the Highest!

♥ Linda M.