GOD and the City…


I woke up this morning, and as I try to do every morning, I did my usual prayer asking God to full fill his promise in which that,

” …Joy comes in the Morning” Psalms 30:5

I was bombarded with thoughts of yesterday…’ did my husband have a Good birthday?‘… ‘did I only think about myself?‘  Then through the self-condemnation, the negative thoughts, I thought about how ‘God Loves ME‘, how he blessed me with my husband, who truly does love me, (after all I did slave over that 2 layer birthday cake ♥) and how my husband always, before going to work, wakes me with a kiss and a slight hug. ‘This man must love me through it all. Who kisses morning breath? Has to be love,‘ I kindly reminded my self. I also thought of the scripture of…

Isaiah 43:18  “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.

…and how important it is to know Gods word. It took a moment for my joy to kick in, I prayed once again to regain strength and I let go of yesterday and concentrated on today.

Sometimes we need a revelation and a constant reminder of God’s Promises. We need a jumpstart of the love God has for us, his protection and how he meets our needs everyday in this “concrete” jungle. We need God’s Coffee in the Morning. So I’m asking you, Did you have Your Coffee this Morning?

 ♥ Linda M

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