GOD and the City…

Confessions of a Sinner…

♥ One of the most amazing experiences of accepting Jesus into your heart is that you start getting Conviction! ♥ The holy spirit truly starts changing you from the inside out ^_^ One conviction I had recently felt was of Judgment. I’ve learned it’s better not to… ♥

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.” Matthew 7:1

We REAP what we SOW. Another saying is “what goes around comes around”. Need I say more?

Thank you God for your Love, Mercy and Wisdom ♥ I’m very thankful that although we may not always do what is right, GOD is a God of mercy, he helps us, guides us and wants the best for us. ♥

Btw…Joyce Meyers came to our little city, Gloria a Dios. It was an awesome time she really and truly is gifted. Her message was about Judgment. She truly is a blessed and anointed lady. GOD bless her. Here are a few Pics from that weekend! ♥

It was Awesome! The segment before she speaks is also pretty funny. If you ever are deciding to hear Joyce speak, make sure to go early to get your worship on and laughter too! ^_^

She is an Anointed lady as well. It was nice seeing her! ♥

I know!? Right!? She looks tiny ^_^

Yes It was FULL! It’s wonderful to be in a place where there are just People Trying to do what is right and change their lives Towards Love! ♥

My loving husband and I! It was a long day 😛

Thank you GOD, I am nothing without You! I accept Jesus as my Savior for he is you and You are…

Case Closed

Hosanna in the Highest!

♥ Linda M

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